ABANDONED - Is Forex Peace Army a Scam too?


It appears that Forex Peace Army is a Scam too. I joined, verified my email addy, and made a post, and low-&-behold nothing shows up. Looks like anything with FOREX in its name is a SCAM!
You could have asked yourself why the FPA would bother blocking your post instead of blocking all the complaints against the company in the thread you posted in. Do you really think there are dozens of people sitting here 24/7 who instantly decide what is approved and what isn't.

When you posted, a message was displayed saying that your post was IN MODERATION.

Your post contained a keyword that is often used by recovery room scammers to try to steal more money from scam victims. An automatic system flagged it for a check by humans.

If you missed that, instead of making up a fake story about the FPA, you could have scrolled down to "Contact Us" and clicked. That would take you to the FAQ. Since your question is about the forums, you could then have clicked "Forums Questions" where you would have seen this question and it's answer...

Why isn’t my forums post visible?

Right now, instead of checking all the posts in the moderation queue, I'm having to waste my time addressing your false scam claim against the FPA in this thread.

Instead of wasting my time and yours, the next time something odd happens, scroll down to Contact Us and look for an answer. If the FAQ doesn't have it, there are relevant contact forms.
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