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Banned Multi
After 15 day trade on 2st withdrawal request all the winning trade PL is not eligible for withdrawal, and all loss trade is correct.
I use scalping ea .
I thinks want scam me.

here email received from Victoria

Dear Cristiana,

Thank you for trading with Nature Forex.

In the past few days, we have received many withdrawal requests from EA traders, and some of our clients have requested to withdraw a big amount of money.

We have put all those requests on hold for further investigation.

After a thorough examination and review, we found that most of our EA traders have potentially taken advantage of latency arbitrage from our system. This means all the winning PL is not eligible for withdrawal.

In short, we have decided to remove those profits from your account.

Online Service Division
NatureForex Ltd.

Address : 1 Half Miles Northern Highway, Suite 102, Belize City, Belize.
Tel : +501 223 2144
Website : https://www.natureforex.com/


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@Cristiana can you upload the copy of the email you received from NatureForex support? And a copy of your withdraw request.

Also, can you show me where on the Belize regulator website it shows NatureForex regulation? they seem like they are not regulated or have fake credentials.


Banned Multi
Hi, Thanks for your reply on my request.
Here I add communication received by email from Victoria Lago.
I trade one week and do not ask withdrawal, after this communication my profit in my account is deleted same for my fund.
I do not know if this broker have regulamentation in some country, but sure if scam me scam other guy.