Abandoned/Unsupported - Tradefort broker delete my profit


They said allow scalping and news trading.
My account is 136126 in tradefort broker
They deleted my profit after I request withdrawal.
This is reason
Dear client, Dealing Department noticed that your trades #8731810 and #8662174 were conducted with non-market quotes that appeared due to a rapid market movement due to the trading news release. Because of that the actual market price was different from that in your Trading Terminal at this moment and your trades were closed with old quotes.
#8731810 2012.11.07 22:44 sell 5.40 nzdusd 0.8260 0.0000 0.0000 2012.11.07 22:45 0.8215 0.00 0.00 2 430.00
#8662174 2012.11.06 04:29 buy 4.00 audusd 1.0371 0.0000 0.0000 2012.11.06 04:30 1.0396 0.00 0.00 1 000.00
these are my trades.
I said to replace price to opening first candle (M1) but you never answered to suggestion.
Another bucketshop unregulated broker and you cannot really be sure where is their physical address if they ever have one.
I have read about traders having withdrawal problems with this broker on other forums. As well as they suspended some
accounts that were using EA's. Red flags all over. The non-market quotes excuse is often used by these bucketshop brokers to deny profits.
I think you should keep the pressure on Tradefort and open a scam ticket here on FPA.
None of the 4 complainants involved in these recent protestations against Tradefort have stepped up with any follow up information to demonstrate why further investigation of the firm is in order. If there are no public or private communications to FPA or me this week, I will notify the regulator of such and withdraw our pending inquiry.