Acc. 76440, Prime4x Withdrawal Problem


Hellow fellow Prime4x victims!

I am one of many who desperately try to withdraw funds from Prime4x.

Here is chronology of my withdrawal request:

October 5th: Frst issue of withdrawal request through client area of your web page (440.37 USD)
October 6th: Prime4x confirmed receipt of request.
October 11th: Contacted live chat support
October 12th: Contacted live chat support
October 12th: Money withdrawn from trading account
October 18th: My e-mail question where are the funds since they did not arrive to my bank account.
October 18th: Prime4x replied that they will check with their bank.
October 19th: My e-mail question what did they find out checking with their bank.
October 21st: No reply from them and no money on my bank account. My new mail to them.
October 22th: Their reply that the delay is not their fault and that they are doing their best to my receiving my money very soon.
October 28th: Contacting live chat support
November 3rd: Contacting live chat support and forcing them to confirm receipt of my mail where I sent them this chronology. I also informed them that I will forward my case to FPA if I do not receive my money till 8th of November. I received a reply saying: "Dear sir, We would like to notify you that we are checking with the bank your issue and we are doing our best and as soon as we receive any updates we will inform you."
November 5: No answer from them. I am starting this thread.

I will keep you updated regarding my withdrawal request.


See the Sticky at the top of this thread: "Report Prime4x withdrawal issues here." Please join the combined effort to have Prime4X do their job properly!