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Discuss ACCFX.com (Alpha Capital Center)

General discussions of a financial company
Dear FPA,
I write to report another SCAM broker. I opened an account with ACCFX a few months ago and began trading profitably. Today I noticed that my account was disabled so I emailed their support for an explanation. I quickly find out that ACCFX has deleted all my profits, alleging that I am am doing some sort of arbitrage trading. They also claim that that they have reported my credentials to all their liquidity providers so that my name will be forever tarnished, and I will be unable to open accounts at many other brokers.

I tried to explain to them that I was not doing arbitrage trading, but rather that I was trading news, which on their website they clearly say is accepted and welcome. By their own words -
  • ♦ All Strategies, Hedging, Scalping, EAs and News Trading are welcome
Please click the following link to verify: https://www.accfx.com/en/about/regulations or here https://gyazo.com/7246abfd5f3e6ed74a3e379c28da82d3
(I saved a screen shot just in case they go try to change something on their website quickly.)

FPA - Please help me get justice. They are attempting to rob me of thousands of dollars in profit and have by their own admission defamed my name. They also have just sent me another email that they are going to hold my deposit until after they receive a court notification. This is lunacy.
Has anyone here been cheated by ACCFX like me?
The contract that I expired in December last year has not received any money so far.
This company is a lie, please don't send money to them anymore!
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I am surprised that only few people complains about ACCFX. Can FPA help in recovering our money?
i dont think they can help, they are not lawyers, etc
there are "recovery" companies out there, who recovers your stolen/cheated money from broker, binary brokers, etc, but they mostly start to work if they can recover at least $10-20k, so if you have less than that stucked, well, you are stucked
To whom wants to work with these broker
ACCFX has scammed about 2 M dollars from Iranian and Taiwanese people.
Nabil aabdin, an egyptian person who now lives in USA, is the founder accfx. some facebook pages claims he is scammer! he himself says that ACCFX broker is sold to another egyptian person Hossam Adel Refaat Ibrahim.
We have contacted with him. Unfortunately, he has nothing but lie!
It is amazing that Nabil was searching for a new broker in his FB page in January and Hossam wants to stablish another broker(it is said in his FB page)
we know that other egyptian people are involved in this scam:
Soheir Adli Hatata
Omar Ahmed El hendawi
Magdy Mohamed Elgalant

Be careful if you want to work with this **** egyptian broker.
It seems they are immigrating to another broker called IMMFX. So be cautious with working this broker too.
لمن يريد أن يعمل مع هؤلاء السمسار
وقد احتيال ACCFX حوالي 2 مليون دولار من الشعبين الإيراني والتايواني.
نبيل عابدين ، وهو مصري الجنسية يعيش الآن في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية ، هو مؤسس شركة accfx. بعض صفحات الفيسبوك تدعي أنه مخادع! هو نفسه يقول أن وسيط ACCFX يباع لشخص مصري آخر حسام عادل رفعت إبراهيم.
لقد اتصلت معه. لسوء الحظ ، ليس لديه سوى الكذب!
إنه لأمر مدهش أن نبيل كان يبحث عن وسيط جديد في صفحته على الفيس بوك في يناير ويريد حسام إنشاء وسيط آخر (يقال في صفحته على الفيس بوك)
نحن نعلم أن المصريين الآخرين يشاركون في هذا الاحتيال:
سهير عدلي حتاتا
عمر احمد الهنداوي
مجدي محمد الجلنت

كن حذرا إذا كنت ترغب في العمل مع هذا الوسيط المصري القرف.
يبدو أنهم يهاجرون إلى وسيط آخر يسمى IMMFX. لذلك كن حذرا مع العمل هذا الوسيط أيضا.