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ACFX presents a new innovative and exciting trading contest. This is an amazing live account competition from ACFX will be held exclusive with live STP accounts with the minimum deposit of $2000! Unlike the contests held by our rivals, there is no lucky draw or anything, it is your skill and effort which can get you an accumulative jackpot that keeps on growing! The jackpot prize grows at the rate of $2 for every lot traded by the participants. Deposit to your ACFX STP competition account today, register for the contest and let the most proficient trader win!

-Why STP?

Unlike market maker accounts, straight through processing or STP accounts are connected directly to deep liquidity pools allowing maximal price advantage and earning the broker small commissions on every trading operation with no conflict of interests. ACFX offers true STP accounts bridging your orders to several reputable banks at the tightest spreads and fastest most secure execution possible.

-How Does the Jackpot work?

ACFX will be crediting commissions to a jackpot account at the rate of $2 for every lot traded by any participant at any time during the contest. As the contest continues the Jackpot will be accumulating more and more money until the end of this competition upon which top 3 winners are handed the full jackpot as cash available for withdrawal or reinvestment.

-How to win?

For fair and just trading conditions winner is determined based on percentage of account growth during the period of the competition hence there is no advantage given to any participant due to sizes of account. Account growth percentage is calculated using the following equation Account growth percentage Account growth=(Profit x 100)/ Initial balance from competition start date. 1st winner gets 50% of the Jackpot, 2nd winner gets 30% of the Jackpot and 3rd winner gets 20% of the Jackpot upon the end of the competition.

-Contest stats and monitoring

The whole contest and each of the accounts is monitored on the contest website Forex Competitions - Forex Trading Competitions. All the results are updated in real-time, so the picture is always up-to-date

-When does the contest start?


Registration Dates

Start 15 January 2014

End 15 February 2014

Competition Dates

Start 15 February 2014

End 28 March 2014

-What is the minimum deposit to participate?

To participate, trader must deposit a minimum of $2,000 in an STP competition account between the 15 of January 2014 and the 15 of February 2014 .

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Terms and conditions: Forex Competitions - Forex Trading Competitions

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