ACTCFX auto open trade for me!!


hi everyone here. this was my first time to join and trade with ACTFX, my case as below.

my initial deposit was $100, and then welcoming bonus was $50 from them.
unluckily, my first trade was lose $90 usd then i just stop it.

an hour after, i started 2 other trade, it finally won $37 and $444 in the end and i closed the trade.

so, in total: $100(initial deposit)+ $50(bonus)- $90(1st trade)+ $37(2nd trade)+ $444(3rd trade)= $541

after that, i sent request in my member area, i want withdraw $390 and left the initial deposit+ bonus (means $151) in my account.

i double confirm with my account trade history, there are $541 inside when i request for withdrawal. then was midnight already, i off my computer and went sleep.

something strange happen in the next morning. i went check for the withdrawal records in my member area. it show there "refuse", then i double confirm i was verified as well since i sent my personal ID both side and my phone billings documents as well.

after that, i open my trade record. funny things happen.
it auto open 7 trades which when the time i already sleep. and then if you see the records, all trade are in very big amount, $10 per point. (since i only trade $1- $3 per point as my investing style).

all 7 trades were started trade at 1.3841, and only open trade, wait lose few points then closed. easily can see the purpose of them just to lose all my ernings profit. all trades open and closed within few minutes. after lose then closed.

how strange it is my $400++ profit lose in just 7 minutes with the funny 7 trades. and moreover, i never trade in eurusd. and those trades started in my sleeping time and 4 hours after i sent request for withdrawal nand i off my computer.

luckily, they left $98 in my account, around my initial deposit of $100. so, i start live chat with them. first they said will check for it. second chat they said maybe i wan earn more so i open new trade in the midning. and then they said there were trades records in my trading history.

after that, any question i ask, they only ignore me. everytime i go live chat, they start saying "hi", then when i mention about my name or my case, they just terminated the chat.

lastly, i sent request to withdraw my $48, cause $50 was bonus cant withdraw. fisrt, it was 3-4 days for pending. i remember they just reject my withdraw in few hours and auto open trades for me for the first withdraw. why this time pending for 3-4 days?

after the request record auto deleted. then i request for second time. luckily it done in the next day. and i never never trust ACTFX and trade with them anymore.

the only thing is to share my case to people and avoid trade with this company. and also hope god and FPA can help me to take back my money.
i trust people power can make it.

thanks and i also attach my trade records.
if people need my log in info to help me to solve the problem, i can provide my log in info as well. since all the trading records still there.

Thanks again.
this is my trade records. we need a safety trade market, hope someone can make things fair!!

how should they do so?? i never open trade...

$400 is big amount for me...

really duno what to do can help to get back my money!!
How did you transfer the money? If by bank wire, ask your bank how best to file charges for internet fraud. Even if you didn't use a bank wire, ask your local bank where to report internet financial fraud in your country. If by PayPal, file a complaint with them. If credit card, contact your issuing bank.

If you used one of those e-currencies, a complaint probably won't get your money back, but enough complaints and this bucketshop will lose one more way to get money out of traders.

This may be helpful to you:

The odds are against you ever getting anything else out of them. The best thing to do (besides complaining to all the proper authorities and whatever companies were involved with the money transfer) is to give them more that $400 worth of bad PR. The only way to shut down "deposit only" brokers is to warn potential victims and cut off their access to money they will try to steal.
how should they do so?? i never open trade...

$400 is big amount for me...

really duno what to do can help to get back my money!!

Look at your metatrader log because only trades done by you appear in the log. So if the trades are not there then it is a hard proof against this scam broker.
I think the broker could just login and place the trades. Those would then show up in the log.
I think the broker could just login and place the trades. Those would then show up in the log.

yes, they can check my password easily...

there are record in my log... so, what can i do?

i think my $600 gone.... FPA here can help me?
The FPA already nailed this broker as a scam. The best thing to do is go after them via your method of deposit and find out how to file a fraud complaint against them as well as a complaint with the NFA. Then warn as many people as possible using the methods in that Ethical Vengeance article.