Watch out for this rip off!


This guy is selling signals which i am sure are good signals however the problem with this lying POS Is i gave him taught him my methods with the respect that he would not share with the world. And what does he go and do I would say stay clear if he is willing to rip off the person who mentored him what will he do to paying customers his name is josh odell his website is
Markets change over time. If your allegations are correct, he can probably only copy and not develop his own, work to keep improving yours. As market conditions shift, his should become less effective.
Hello. This is Joshua O. I am here to counter accusations against bwizard(aka Brandon Watson). Brandon: I know you think that what Ive done is wrong to you...but this method was basically handed to me FOR FREE. You spent hours teaching it to me FOR FREE. NOW, at no point in any of these videos have I ever attempted to teach the method. At no point did I ever attempt to sell it. I was simply using the method to sell my signal business, NOT YOUR METHOD(2 very different things). I then put my daily analysis on youtube. IS NOT A SCAM and it never will be. You saying it is, is SLANDER, which is ILLEGAL.

Now you can be pissed off at me as much as want, but nothing done here was illegal. You also never told me that I couldn't use it for personal business.

Now, since you feel betrayed and angry, I have decided to unpublish all videos(which has already been done) with the method I was given FOR FREE from youtube, google+, and everywhere else. I am not the sole proprietor of I only provide signals,(which are mostly profitable)

Slander against me and needs to stop now or we are going to have a much bigger legal problem.(which You and I dont really need). All youtube vids you posted slandering me need to be unpublished.
Now, if you would like to contact me to discuss this further, I would be glad to: