I've stuck with them for a few months myself.

I am not one to quickly condemn a broker for inappropriate trading decisions but when your brokers platform starts to be manipulative, then some thing is't right. I've lost all my portfolio on that platform

Other traders, please BEWARE OF ACTIV TRADE!!!!.

fsa or no fsa theses guys will rob you in day light.

Yes I agree with you everybody must be as faster as they can from this broker and from FXFrench. Beware of this company they'll don't give to you your profit they even can take away your depo. BEWARE!!! Give my money back.!!!!


Lost mutch money with ActiveTrades

this year I lost thousands of money, because Activetrades standard accounts give me no correct prices. The problem is hanging platform and fool us up to 10 pips, many times. That is absolute not correct. Our complete forex club leave that **** broker. :mad:


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Dear All,
I'm a victim of Crown Forex SA. I'm now looking for a reliable broker. Is anyone holding live accounts with ActivTrades? Please kindly give me your advice about this broker. Is ActivTrades reliable? Should I open live accounts with him?
Thank you so much and look forward to hearing from you.
Kindest Regards,

I have a live account with ActivTrades and so far satisfied. There were some reviews mentioning problems with cancelled trades or money withdrawal. I did not have any problems with them concerning that.
Only once a profitable trade was cancelled due to a wrong spike (it was really a wrong spike). As long as the broker also cancels loosing trades due to wrong spikes (stop loss hit wrongly) I think its acceptable.
Also my last money withdrawal was dealt with immediately (date nov. 2010)


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They Suck, simple as that.

I'm a scalper and for a week all went well and I made almost 28% profit in the first week of trading a new Scalping EA with ActivTrades.

I was running a concurrent Demo and Live setup, both identical.

In week 2 the Live account only just broke even, the Demo account made over 20% profit?

In week 3 the Live account lost money and the demo account again made in excess of 20% profit?

Week 1 - Winner.
Week 2 - Almost Break even.
Week 3 - Loser.
And all this time the demo account continues to perform consistently.

You tell me that these guys do not manipulate the feed on the Live server and I'll tell you that you need to wake up.

Goodbye ActivTrades. :unhappy:


[QUOTE = "VNFX, post: 12906, membro: 23350"] Pls nos dar suas opiniões sobre ActiveTrades.

Eu sou uma vítima de Crown Forex SA. Agora estou procurando um corretor de confiança. ninguém está segurando contas ativas com ActivTrades? Por favor, me dê o seu conselho sobre este corretor. ActivTrades é confiável? Devo abrir contas ativas com ele?
Muito obrigado e estamos ansiosos para ouvir de você.
Kindest Atenciosamente,
Recomendo Activ Trades. Sou Cliente Deles há Mais de 2 anos e nunca tive problemas.


ESMA revolutionizes the online trading

ActivTrades is ready with a series of innovations

This August 1st will represent a watershed in the online trading industry. Once the regulatory changes established by the ESMA, i.e. the European regulator of the financial sector, have come into force, private traders will have to operate on markets with much lower leverages than the current ones.

More specifically, the maximum leverage will be raised to 1:30 on the major foreign exchange rates, while it will be even lower, between 1:10 and 1:20, on other instruments such as stock exchange indices and commodities. By way of example, a minimum margin of € 250 is currently required to negotiate a lot (i.e. a position for a counter value of € 100,000) on the EURUSD, but this minimum margin will rise dramatically to € 3,333 due to the reduction in leverage required by ESMA. However, even if these rules were designed to ensure greater protection, the resulting increase in margins could push private traders to open accounts with unregulated brokers that offer high leverages but much lower safeguards, if not zero, than the regulated ones.

ActivTrades has always been in favor of all measures that raise the bar of safety and is proud to have introduced, for many years, one of the key points of the new obligations imposed by ESMA, the negative balance protection. To this, as an additional protection for traders, we’ve added the supplementary policy that ensures the funds of its traders, individually, up to 1 million pounds. Moreover, to remain competitive even in the post-ESMA, has introduced a new profile, namely the Professional Account dedicated to all those traders who, in possession of the requirements established by the regulator, may request it to maintain a high leverage on the markets and the same safeguards offers to private traders.

Last but not least, ActivTrades has recently become one of the few companies in the sector to have obtained the ISO 27001 certification, which attests to the high standards in the management of data security at company level and is added to the many safeguards offered by the broker to its own traders.

In addition, the new ActivTrades office in Nassau was recently inaugurated to develop the South American market and thus turn to local traders, who receive the same quality standards and a capital insurance policy up to 1 million dollars.


I had an account with them, I was very satisfied in the first month, then the next month I've seen that I got very **** price for some of my 'high' volume trades compared to other brokers, and I could not close one of my big trade once, only around 10 minutes later!! When I wrote them they said that I got market price, they had issue with the liquidity provider blablabla. Probably they did not like me as I made some profit there (around 5k). Later on I got a mail that they deciced to close my account, but they didn't tell me the reason. At least they transferred my money back.
So this is good only until you start making profit.


Brokerage makes it very difficult to make withdrawals, I've been more than 24 hours with a withdrawal processing for neteller, until I lose my patience and cancel it, I made another and it will be 24 hours, besides they do not let me take the whole money using just one method of withdrawal, put too much difficulty,
account 894479 , terrible


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Brokerage makes it very difficult to make withdrawals, I've been more than 24 hours with a withdrawal processing for neteller, until I lose my patience and cancel it, I made another and it will be 24 hours, besides they do not let me take the whole money using just one method of withdrawal, put too much difficulty,
account 894479 , terrible
Did you open a scam alert yet?