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Discuss ACY.com(Was ACYSecurities.com and SynergyFx.com)

General discussions of a financial company
I recently joined Synergy FX and placed $10,000 with them for the tiger managed fund, which last year supposedly returned 124%. This was achieved by nice man and Trader, . ( won't mention his second name) His trades were based on long term time frames. Synergy sacked him and without my knowledge had my account trading a scalping system through a robot. When talking with Alister of Synergy Fx, he denied this, however, 50 trades a day and many, many losing trades could only be a robot. In other words, Alister of Synergy FX LIED to me. I spoke with the trader they sacked and was advised that all these scalping trades made Synergy money through the spreads. I got my money back, minus 5%, but was so bullshitted and lied to by Alister, Synergy FX Sydney, they I have commenced proceedings through A.S.I.C. due misleading untruths, deceptions and Lies. Christian Dove, CEO Synergy FX cannott be contacted. I have a photograph of Christian Dove and would like to show this mans face.


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I am having trouble with SynergyFX. Lost money on managed account and now can't get any sense out of Alastair and the phone lines seem to be dead. Are they in trouble?
Has this been resolved?
I was interested in Equitimax's managed account, and it is mentioned there that their Tiger strategy was taken over by Synergy.