Admiral Market Strange Behaviour


Hi All,

On december 22 there was a medium spike in the chart of the dow jones. I got a position opened with was of course closed due to my stop loss.

I’ve bin already trading with them for more than 2 years now and I never double checked the charts with other charts but today I did. (Dont ask my why because I have no idea)

And to my surprise there was a difference of more than 300 pips with the “original” charts on the net/platforms?

So I contacted my rep at Admiral, and until today I still havent got a clear answer back. All i got is that different platforms have different liquidity and such?

Now I can understand there are few small differences here and there but more than 300 pips???

Now I’m starting to wonder how many times has this “behaviour” happened in the past with all my other positions that were closed. (I havent got the time yet to check that out bit I will)

Has this happened to others? And is this normal behaviour?