Adrian Shiroma Scam + Documentation



I'm not one to call things a scam that easily, but I have been following this one for a few months now and I have documented quite a bit of evidence that it is. On top of that, they are now making personal attacks on me, so it is time to expose what they are doing. The scam centers around someone called Adrian Shiroma. I don't think that he actually exists and was made up by the scammers, but I could be wrong. He is supposedly Japanese/Spanish and all of his content is in Spanish.

FYI, there will be a few links to my blog, but this is just for informational purposes and the posts are pretty long, so I thought that would be the easiest way to do it. I hope that it doesn't violate any forum rules, it is not meant to promote my blog, just to get the story out there. If it does violate the rules, then I would be happy to post in another format.

I just want to get this information out there to prevent people from getting scammed.

I first found out about Adrian Shiroma when he started spamming my blog comments. I did some digging and I came up with the information that I wrote about in this post. I wrote it half-jokingly because it was so obviously a scam that I did not expect it to be around long.

Post One

Then one of my readers alerted me that Adrian Shiroma started a new "broker" called MitsuiFX. The scam was that he started using the name, address and NFA number of a legitimate Japanese company. I actually called the real Mitsui & Co. Ltd. number for the New York office and they never heard of I thought that they would shut Adrian Shiroma down, but instead the NFA number just disappeared from the website. Here is the rest of the information...

Post Two

Then I was alerted that Mitsuifx was changed to a new broker called Shatori. When you go to, it redirects to Probably because of what I wrote...but I don't know for sure. But here is that story and some additional things about how he runs the scam. The evidence started to point to the scam actually being Bulgarian in origin. Also, he is posting a MyFxBook report with great results, but it is NOT verified.

Post Three

Now they have started attacking me personally, writing this fake story about me and how I was arrested for unspeakable acts. Of course nothing in that story is true except for my PO Box, which they looked up on the internet.

In addition, they are using my picture as Adrian's to try to discredit me in this fake post.

I have already flied complaints with Google and will be filing a DMCA with to have that blog removed for the use of my picture.

If anyone has any ideas on how to stop these guys, I would appreciate any thoughts.

Hugh Kimura


Brigadier General
Excellent investigation work.

It sounds like this guy took a page from ForexGen. They posted hundreds of fake blogs accusing Felix and the FPA of all sorts of things, just to try to reduce the impact of the FPA Scam Findings against them. Since then, other scam companies keep recycling the same garbage.

Stand strong and get the truth out there. Your continued online presence is more than enough proof that those charges aren't true.


Thanks Pharaoh! A little disheartening that Google won't close the Blogger blog, but oh well. If nothing else, this was a good lesson that I need to solidify the SEO for my name. If they can get on the first page for my name with a link farm site, I'm not doing my job.