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victor riveros

Hello, a couple of months ago I was contacted by a firm Bienvenidos a Info Consulting Venezuela who acted as a broker, they offred me to work with Consultoria comercio electrónico which is in Panama. I admit that I am new in forex and sign everything and maybe legally there is nothing to do but just want to let everybody knows what happened to me. I deposited 10k on their account and they would call me 2-3 times a week to let them know how much money of the 10 k I would invest, after earning some money I withdraw from the account 2k aproximatley leaving 11k in my account, they really did not want me to withdraw the money but I insisted, after that they call me and ask me how much to invest that day, I said 9k, the next day they call me and said they lost the 9k and wanted me to deposit more money. They send me my reamaining balance that was 2k, basically out of my 10k they kept from themselves 6k aproximatly. This is the information of the so called broker that managed my account.
2 days ago a company call me and to my surprise they have the same color graphics and look very similar to advance, so bascially I think they have several companies and web sites that theu use each time they want you to "invest" with them.
Thanks just wanted to contribute to the forum in some way
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