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Adventures Of A Singaporean Trader :)

Discussion in 'Hello and Welcome' started by fxcharlie7, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. fxcharlie7

    fxcharlie7 Recruit

    Dec 8, 2011
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    Hi Guys,

    my name is Charlie Ng and i am from the city state of Singapore which i so love.

    This is my 1st experience with a Forex based forum and i am excited by the large and warm participation of the forex community in FPA.

    I always imagined that traders are solitary beings cooped up in their trading rooms spending hours trading, perhaps that the only 1 imagining is me haha.

    Anyway a little about myself:

    I have been trading Forex for the past 3 years and have been through lots of newbie mistakes even after attending several forex courses and not too long ago able to find a footing in Forex.

    I trade mainly using MT4 with forex trading tools that i have developed over these years as i find MT4 to be severely lacking in professional trading tools. As i believe that trading tools will help to lighten my load in forex trading by carrying out my mundane tasks such as execution and monitoring of trades. Which i think is a more efficient and effective manner with discipline and without the emotional factor involved. Trading tools can be educational in a way that it helps to shape your trading habits where you can be more disciplined and accountable to your trading actions.

    Though i find the expert advisor feature to be extremely helpful for traders who are looking to automate certain trading processes of their trade, i am disappointed that there are so many others that abuse the feature to create strategy EAs that seek for the purpose to solely make money of from innocent buyers by projecting the 'holy grail' concept promising them the riches.

    I find trading to be an enriching experience for me where education is vital to be more wiser and successful in the market. I hope to share whatever i can offer and most importantly learn from you guys your experiences from Forex trading :D!
  2. RahmanSL

    RahmanSL Major

    Jan 16, 2010
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    Welcome to the FPA, fxcharlie7, where the bad brokers really hate us all and wish for our early demise.
    If you have a desire for more forex education, head straight for the "Education & Forum" at the top of this page, go to "Forex Education Forums", and then chose any of the sections there...but do check out "Forex Military School | Complete Forex Education by a Pro Banker" as our beloved Sive Morten have put a lot of efforts and time into writing & compiling a complete forex education not only for newbies, but for those wise and learned traders too :p

    "I always imagined that traders are solitary beings cooped up in their trading rooms spending hours trading..."

    You imagine right!
    Trading the forex for a living ranks among the loneliest job in the world....especially for those in the Asia Pacific area catching the US/Canadian markets.
    While most everyone is asleep, forex traders are all hunch-up watching the charts, half watching with ears cocked listening to Bloomberg moneytalk, checking & rechecking "Talking Forex-First for FX News" window for any breaking news on the financial world, checking back & forth on FPA forum started by Sive Morten on EUR/USD for any updates by fellow traders, doing the same thing over at PipHut live forum for any inputs by other participants, and (matter of course) lots of coffee & cigarettes on the side table....and a can of air freshener, or else the room will smell like a pub :p

    Ok, hope you have fun here and a long & fruitful stay at the base camp.

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