advice for EU ctrader Browser



I am about to start a new account (20.000 euros) and I am looking for a broker that has this characteristics :

support for Ctrader (mandatory)
European union regulated (if also consob regulated better as I live in Italy)
scalping allowed (nice to have but non mandatory)

I am not interested in bonus or other stuff , the important is that is a broker where my money will be safe and when I withdraw i got no problems , I read a lot here about any sort of issues and scams so I hope the experience of the community can give me an help .

For know I know this brokers on
but I do not know ...for exsample I do not read great things about fxpro but is present on website so I suppose that that is list is marketing but it should be an honest broker around no ?

any help will be welcome !

thank you for all!