Advices for an intermediate trader.


Hi felow traders. If you could give just one advice for an intermediate trader what will be?
Just one advice?
Okay...carry out extensive research into the broker and service provider before putting real money into a trading account with them.

Reason for that: We don't want to nor like to see even one person coming to the FPA to post how he/she has been scammed by so-and-so who, if initial research was carried out, would have revealed that particular broker or service provider is a scam.

Free 2nd advice (kinda free one for the price of one):
What works for another might not work for you. Discover what works for you and stick to that system/strategy.
There is no real "expert Analyst" out there because one will contradict the other in their analysis. For every one "Analyst" who "advice" to "sell", another will say to "buy".


Hi felow traders. If you could give just one advice for an intermediate trader what will be?
I would say the best piece of advice is to ensure you trade with good risk management. I only ever risk 1-2% of my account using a stop loss. Your risk to reward calculations are very important.
Follow your strategy and evaluate your trades and your profitability from time to time to see if there's anything that should or could be improved.


Thanks all but most of this are advices for novices. What about for intermediate traders like i mean.
Hi there,

I think all the advices given by the guys up there are all great advices regardless whether you’re a beginner or intermediate trader. Without doing the above no one can succeed.

I think you need to give more details about your experience so the responses can be best suited to your specific needs. As “intermediate” means different things to different people / how do you even define it based on how much profit you make a year, is it based on your consistency percentage, is it based on your years of doing trading etc...

thanks and welcome to the forum.