ADVISORY: Reza Mokhtarian - New Company Quest Markets


This is an advisory: Reza Mokhtarian (formerly of Capital Trust Markets/CTM Group Ltd. and most recently, Kaizen Global) has launched a new Forex MLM company called Quest Markets.

Source (Twitter realoceansky)

Reza Mokhtarian‏@RealOceanSky is officially live! This is everything I had dreamt of for my other companies. Finally perfected and released!!​

Quest Markets is more/less a continuation of his recent failed MLM company called Kaizen or Kaizen Global. Reza has officially sent in the paperwork to the UK Companies House business registrar to dissolve Kaizen, officially known as Kaizen Group International.

Source UK Companies House Kaizen Group International

25 Jul 2017 Application to strike the company off the register​

Source (MarketMakerNetwork Telegram page)

"We have officially launched our new company. This is 2 years of trial and error, relaunch after relaunch, trying to figure out exactly what it takes to create success for others, months of hard work, blood sweat and tears. Months of researching other MLMs and Forex companies including Kaizen and figuring out why some failed and some succeed and we finally created a Frankenstein of a company that has everything every other company has multiplied by 10 and then simplified into a system designed to truly make money for all participants while making sure they never lose money or fall into a negative mindset."​

According to multiple social media posts and Youtube videos which include Reza Mokhtarian himself addressing the horrific drawdown of retail forex accounts through use of a program called an auto-trader in Kaizen Global. This, I believed spurred the relaunch of Kaizen as Quest Markets.

Source (Transcript from Adrian Hibbert Youtube Video 04 Jul 2017 Reza Mokhtarian CEO of Kaizen Global....I Quit...) starting around 48:00.

Reza: We make one losing trade it's not a big deal.

"Rabbani": … What I'm saying one losing trade is not a big deal but when you've got one losing trade open three times goes at a 350 pips in one day… I'm talking about gbp/usd -367 pips that's just one trade you've got to blow an account …. all we needed was someone to just say alright enough is enough I'm out of this trade. This is what we didn't get Reza ... one leader do you know what he said to me? 'Oh it's good when Reza's making money but it's bad when he's lost it!' Damn right it is bad when he's lost it because we're paying for it! We don't pay to lose money!​

Extreme caution should be exercised when dealing with Reza Mokhtarian given the above.

Right now, I cannot locate any information of where Reza officially registered his company. Publicly available databases of Canada (federal companies registrar) and the states of Nevada, Utah and New York yield no results.

According to Robert Halterman, who's publicly available Facebook profile details the naughty behaviour of Reza Mokhtarian (and other fufu Facebook forex fufu-purveyors), Reza is believed to market to people of Arabic descent.

As a reminder in September 2016, Reza Mokhtarian was charged with a count of fraud.

Source Ontario Securities Commission (OSC)

Reza Mokhtarian Charged with Fraud Over $5,000

TORONTO– The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) announced today that Reza Mokhatarian of King City, Ontario has been charged with an alleged breach of the Criminal Code following an investigation by the OSC’s Joint Serious Offences Team (JSOT).

Mokhtarian has been charged with one count of fraud against the public over $5000, contrary to section 380(1)(a) of the Criminal Code.​

If anyone has information about this company please share below!

Romulus Fat Zah

I just signed up with the $1 promo yesterday. Here is my review so far.
I had some problems getting access to everything but the support team was quick to respond. Within minutes.


They are no longer responding. I have sent them 2 emails in regards to the autotrader not opening any trades, but I have yet to hear back from them.

I also reached out to Reza on IG and snap, but no reply.

I hope they're just busy and will get back to me asap.

Also, I'll write another review update in a couple of days to let you know how it goes.