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Affiliate program: how to earn money without any risk :)

Discussion in 'Forex Affiliate Links' started by FXProgrammer, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. FXProgrammer

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    Oct 10, 2012
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    Hi Guys,

    There is a way how you can earn money in Forex market without any risks.
    This is quite simple, you can promote Forex-related products on your website or blog or Facebook or whatever and earn commissions from sales.

    And I'm not talking about broker's affiliate programs.

    Today I'd like to offer you to be our partner in selling Forex tools.
    I'm a developer of Forex Copier software and I'm looking for people who can help me in promoting it. In exchange I'm offering commissions from every single sale made by you.

    How it works:
    1) you register in our affiliate system: http://www.forexcopier.com/Home/Affiliates
    2) the system gives you a special affiliate link
    3) you put this link on your site/blog/whatever (for example in a short article about our product)
    4) Now every person, who has clicked this link and got to our site, will be marked by our affiliate system and, if this person purchases any software from our site within the next 90 days, you will receive the commission on your account.
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