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I have been trading virtual on marketiva since January 2008, there have been nothing to complain about really, i decided to go live and was really impressed with the speedy and efficient way in which they handled my wire transfer and deposit to my account. Customer service is always there to guide you, I would like to congratulate them on this . i give them 4 stars


3 stars

marketiva is been my favorite broker. i've been on live account with them since 2006 and the performance has ever since been above average except for occasional freeze of platform during high impact news which is common to all brokers. their customer service is prompt. order acceptance is faster than any mt4 broker i've tried. They are not scam at all, withdrawal is instant without pranks. deposit is done based on confirmations, which i like. Above all they are now registered!!! The only disadvantage is that, their's no room for customize indicators and hence you can not use snw or attach anything to their platform.:unhappy:
secondly, they recently started platform upgrade during trading hours 17.00 sunday to 17.00 friday est. This should be better done weekends when there's no market.This is unfair as this has always denied traders login into their account. And those with trades on may not be able to access their account for mechanical close order. But for these two reasons, i think I like their services and have referred over 30 traders trading live account with them.
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I have been using MarketIVA for more than a year now. They are fast an efficient and I like their platform.


Markeitva is great for learnig Forex.

Hello every one,

I have been trying the Virtual Practice money side of the platform for about 2 months now.

I have decided to wire them some funds to go live to see if there is any noticeable difference in the way the orders get placed and so on.

My funds should arrive in my account by Wednesday, so I'll let you know how this turns out.

Thank you, and best of luck.

A. R.



I agree with you Tyo. I am still using them and I made some withdrawns from them as well with no problems. Their spreads are low too. Nothing wrong with them.