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Problem Aihua-Capital - fake copy of AvaTrade

I am having an issue with a company


It looks like aihua is now operating as aihua-capital.net and still claiming to be AVA Trade.
When I asked AVA Trade about them, I got a reply that
aihua-capital.com/ or .net aren’t Website of AvaTrade. AVA officially uses only avatrade.de Germany or avatrade.com


Let me elaborate a little bit more about my scam case involving Aihua Capital, because I believe it could avoid more people to be scammed…
I’ve been approached on social media by a woman, who supposed to be interested on myself. For 2 months we didn’t talk about any kind of investment nor about trading.
At some point, she mentioned to be a business woman and part of a group sharing knowledge on investment and interested on charity. She sent me the link to that WhatsApp group.
In this group, there were about 90 people from different countries. They were sharing information about the financial and energy crisis, the impact of the Ukraine war in the financial markets and about stocks. They must have some investment knowledge, because the information were well formulated and accurate. Months later, one guy which is supposed to be an experience trader started leading the group to trade using MT5 in the scam broker aihua-capital.net
There they traded Gold but it was not XAUUSD. They have another product called XAUUSD.a and use crypto USDT which must be transferred to the broker using a crypto network.
After I opened an account on this scam broker I have transferred a small budget and started trading with the group. I even withdraw my funds at some point to be sure that the broker would give my money back. The withdrawal of a small fund 3700 USDT were successful transferred to my Binance account. So I felt more confident to transfer more funds to the broker and trade.
Long story short, I have started trading with them and lost all my savings.
The scam is very good planned. The broker let you make some profits and believe that the trading signals from the group are legit. They almost follow the price development of XAUUSD but at some point, they create spikes against your trade position in order to catch you with a stop loss or blow up your account.
They also don’t execute “take profits”.
I have documented all the manipulation where I have losses. I have documented all these cases (see some of them in the pictures)
After I lost about 80% of my funds, I tried to withdraw my funds and got it rejected by the broker. They cancelled my withdrawal with the explanation that suspicious activities where identified and my account is set as risk account. To remove my risk account I should deposit more 10.000 USDT into my account.
The traiding WhatsApp group was disbanded and the people disappeared.


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By the way, it’s seems all those “recover your scammed money” companies like payback-ltd, iis-refund, mintonblock, etc are also scams trying to get more money from people who are already lost money. So disgusting how people take benefit from scammed victims.