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Discuss alforex.com

General discussions of a financial company
Hi there,
About AlTrade I even not started yet and already get problems with them.
1 Altrade/Alforex/Mikiforex the all are the same.
You start with Altrade(register),Alforex do the adminstration and to deposit funds they will give Mikiforex Email to deposit funds.When you ask why you have to do that they say Mikiforex is their partner(see FPA reviews about Mikiforex)
2 They answer question by mail(a day later) but to contact via their site is terrible,mostl offline and items are in Russian
(wheh you complain about that they do not reply)
3 They do not have manners (after deposit and not find the funds after 2days on the account I stop with them)
3 They pretend being stupid They send me a link to comfirm their withdrawal to me in which you can see on the right cancel,I have to told them if funds withdrawal on the right must be prosecced.
4 For a real account I deposit €50 I do not even trade for a day and after 8 days they withdrawal $50 instead of €50
(on my account I found €43.07) This is really stupid I even went back to them,I yust sent them a mail what is really understandable
and guest what they even get to me to find out what is wrong.

Conclusion:NO STAR I lost onley €6.93/I think they runs thing from a backyard/None educated people.
I know that people out there want to give them a good reputation but this are people they pay to do that.

I hate them