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all that glitters is not gold

Discussion in 'General Forex Talk' started by Hahed1, May 4, 2009.

  1. Hahed1

    Hahed1 Private, 1st Class

    Mar 24, 2009
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    Comerades in arms; you may be having a field day dicussing healthy issues on this forum which is a good thing to do but you have also to hear and discuss other issues that are not in any way the other side of the coin! Remember "re- i have been scammed by instaforex" petitioned by holder of trading account no 68409? the quest to unravel the mystrious dishonesty of instaforex is far far way from being settled; inspite the intervention of the FPA'S hard work and commitment to resolving this disagreement, they have suggested the simplest way out of this imminent problem that my money be transferred to me via western union, Ekaterina the beast shamelessly stood with animal conscience and declined to compromise disrespectfully to the suggestion!

    If Ekaterina will continue to play blatant insincerity as an inglorian bastard like she or he has exhibited, do and will any of you ever have any good reason to invest your monies with instaforex? If you have been following developement on this matter, you will appreciate the fact that instaforex has come into the forex scenario to defraud,steal, cheat, lie and blackmail their unsuspecting victims unapologetically! Then if this so, why not we all learn to read carefully between the lines and notice the the handwrittings on the wall and avoid this wild goose chase that will end up in flogging a dead horse and withdraw all our monies from instaforex and caution who ever cares to listen to please avoid intaforex and divert his attention to any honest broker for trading!

    my dear comeardes in arms, if i were to be you a word is enough for a wise!

    Is it not high time we put a stop to instaforex's malicious intententions of everyday scamming their victims?

    you may not be be directly affected but am assuring you that an injury to one is an injury to all of us! we cannot continue to claim that we are a legitimate standing army and hopelessly and cowardly fold all our cold arms and watch unrepentant criminals continue to invade our territory and take by force our hard earned investments and disrespectfully go away to come another day to perpetrare same! if we are recruited to protect the territorial intergrity of the FPA nation and criminals like instaforex and Ekaterina could come and rob us, then the aim of our being recruited is and shall be practically defeated!

    comerades in arms if there is" esprit de corp" the battle to protect our intergrity is not only mine but ours!

    Let me have your say on this issue and the way forward to tackle the manace of this inglorian bastards!


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