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Okay thanks. As of today, the woman I am I'm contact with has said that she has told her friend in England to report me to the police so is it best to block them now or keep the chat open?

Surely they won't actually tell the police because I have all the chat logs and screenshots saved in a secure location?
Keep the line of communication open as long as you can. Also you will notice they told you her friend, not the company itself, will report you to the police. If you look at FPA, there are many threads now regarding Allbright Financial therefore many victims from this site alone can speak up, along with you, if the police show up at your door. You should tell them you would be happy to talk to the police and ask her to provide the case number for you. Keep in mind the charts, signals, graphs, etc. are all manipulated and controlled by these scammers therefore you were never trading on real time market data and the "loss" is just another part of their scam to make it appears as if you really lost money when in reality you lost nothing. Its all one big scam to get you to pay more money.


The Punisher

Sergeant Major
Below are all the companies being ran by these same scammers.

Yunma Tianlong - company they claim is at the top of the food chain
Clearing Falcon
Business Choice Partners Group
GPI Markets
Allbright Financial FX
Valley Tech Spec
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Hi I'd like to report a scam and ask for your help to hopefully reclaim the money I lost.

I was matched on Tinder with a young women who chatted to me for a few weeks then we went over to WhatsApp. After a few days she began telling me about her uncle and how he was an expert trader and had been making lots of money.

Eventually she persuaded me to sign up on a website called and sign up with the broker to begin trading. The minimum deposit had to be 1000 dollars which seemed a lot but as I was new to trading I didn't think too much of it. We began trading for a couple of weeks and the trades were going well until one day the trade went really bad and I lost all the money in my account and it went into the minus figures. I then had to deposit more money to get the account back to zero or they were claiming I'd lose credit score etc.

The following week she contacted me again and introduced me to her 'uncle' who told me he wants to help me recover the lost money. I was persuaded to deposit even bigger sums this time so that I can earn the money back quicker. Unfortunately the same thing happened again where the trade went south and I lost all the money I deposited apart from 300 dollars. I tried to withdraw this amount and get out of the scheme but Allbright Financial minimum withdrawal limit is 1000 dollars which is definitely not good.

During the second spell of trading, the women I was in contact with deposited some of her money into my trading account to 'help me out'. Of course, once the rigged trade loss came I lost her money too, and she has been pressuring me repay her ever since but I can't afford to as this whole scam wiped me out.

If you could offer any advice on who to contact or how I could go about trying to regain all the money I've lost I'd be really grateful as I'm really not sure what to do.
What is the name off women pls?
think I'm talking to the same person as you


"...During the second spell of trading, the women I was in contact with deposited some of her money into my trading account to 'help me out'."

No decent broker will allow deposit by another party into your account & name. That' against the law as that contravene international anti-money laundering laws.

Frankly, I think you will need to chalk up your lost down as experience because it's not easy and cost a lot of money to track down these scammers.

As reported in the "South China Morning Post",
"There was a significant rise in deception cases in 2020, which nearly doubled from 8,216 in 2019 to 15,553 in 2020.
Hong Kong’s love scammers hit on a new way to rake in millions last year by cutting down on the sweet talk while pushing their victims to put money into fake investments, police have warned.
The confidence tricksters raked in HK$85 million (US$11 million) from 181 cases, accounting for a third of all reported investment scams last year.
Nine in 10 victims were women, but the biggest loser was a male piano teacher who told police he was duped out of HK$13.5 million by his “male lover” online.
Culprits used the familiar tricks of posing as good-looking men or women holding good jobs as they preyed online for lonely-hearted victims.
But unlike typical love scammers who engage in prolonged online chats as they romanced their victims, these con artists moved speedily to telling their victims about get-rich-quick investment opportunities, according to the force’s anti-deception coordination centre."

To all those "lonely heart" Traders or Wannabe Traders, be very careful with whom you get to "know" in the faceless and border-less internet world as peoples might not be whom they seem to be.