The site you mentioned is a HYIP, which is a particularly nasty version of a Ponzi scheme. It sounds like you got the even worse version - they just offer the insane rates of return, dangle the fake balance in front of your face, and tell you all you have to do is pay some taxes.

If you do, the next thing will be a fee, then a surcharge, then a certificate, then something else. Every payment will lead to another payment. It will only end when you stop paying. Even then, they'll write back later and claim they have new management, were taken over by the regulators, or some other lie. All you'll need to do is give them access to your computer and/or pay another fee. Then it all starts over again.

Report this to the financial regulators and cyberpolice in your country. Report it to the financial regulators and cyberpolice in any country that claims to be in. Prove all the information about how you transferred the money to them.

Finally, stop "investing" in any company that promises quick and easy profits. That's a very fast way to become poor.