Alpari issue!


In the first 10 days of June I have made scalping on the cfd of the dax with Alpari and with good results. In practice from 1000 Euro of account I have reached 6700. Everything was going right but then Alpari started giving me many 'requote' and to widen the spread de facto voiding me to make other operations of scalping. The other bitter surprise has been when I have asked to withdraw my money to which Alpari has told me that I was not allowed because my trades were under investigation. From there it has started a 'war' with Alpari. They say that I have done trading on prices that were 'manifestly incorrect' which absolutely is not true and they are preparing to cancel all of my trades and relative gains recalling themself to a chapter of theirs 'terms of business' ''9.36. The Company has the right to delete to position if: (to) the Instruction to open the position precedes the first Quotas in the Trading Platform on the Market Opening and to Dealer erroneously executes it at the close price of the previous trading session; or (b) to Dealer erroneously executes the Instruction to open the position at an Error Quote (Spike); or (c) the Company makes to Manifest Error while processing the Customer's Instruction to open the position. '' But these examples don't have any connection with me, my trades have been performed all 'at market' never entered with strange prices or clearly wrong as spike or 'out price'. All entrances and exits to market with operations of few ticks. I have already applied to the FSA and the Ombudsman to open one 'complaint' against Alpari.