Alpari Steals


I was recently working at Alpari-US as a dealer on their desk. My name shall remain nameless, but if anyone wants to conact me via email that is fine. Alpari US takes their clients off market by 4-8 pips. By that I mean that it is their policy to quote prices to clients when they know that their EA willl accept off-market prices (FAP Turbo clients beware). Once I brought this up to the so-called "chief dealer" who had bno FX experience whatsoever he promtly asked me why I didn't mark up the price off market. I said "price wasn't there" and they said.... "we have to protect ourselves" because they have no liquidity. If any of you doubt this, check your log files and see where market was at, and then see where you got filled. Please file a comlaint with the NFA as they are stealing money from people.....