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Problem Alpari UK - another possible scam

I am having an issue with a company


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More than a year ago I've reported here, with a full account with video clips, on how Alpari UK used the MT4 Virtual Dealer Plugin(VDP) to cheat me of my otherwise winning trades in several consecutive days - it was like hell broke loose out of nowhere, when their system flagged to their VDP that I was winning. My original post in May 2012 on this issue can be viewed by logging on this link, then scroll to about a quarter down the page: https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-forum/forex-brokers/1115-alpari-co-uk-4.html

Till today they chose to ignore my posts without giving me any satisfactory answer.

I had even an order that just went missing into thin air!

Such encounters did not occur only to me. I learnt that the trading community since years ago is already fully aware that MetaQuote provides MT4 brokers with this tool to cheat all traders. This is no wonder >95% traders lose money!!!

Month after month I have been receiving a statement from Alpari UK showing that I still have over a hundred dollars left in my account, which I'm yet to close (but I won't close until I get all my hard-earned money back).

To my shock, today I received my July 2013 statement from them, but all my balance now disappeared into thin air too, showing zero!

I emailed back to query, and the email bounced with the message, as shown below :

postmaster@alpari.co.uk via mx1.alparigroup.net

1:39 PM (34 minutes ago)

to me

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

Alpari (dcon@alpari.co.uk)
The email address that you entered couldn't be found. Check the address and try resending the message. If the problem continues, please contact your helpdesk.


I really wonder what they are up to. While I know that at times an unforeseen technical glitch can cause emails to bounce, I believe this July 2013 statement showing my balance all gone is a Divine reminder to me to start taking serious action now against this evil company until they get a heavy fine!

I believe in retribution. What goes around comes around. All I pray for is that they will get their just desert soon, get caught and fined heavily and have their company close down, and all involved in these scams get their ill-gotten assets confiscated for charity and have them locked up forever, so as to save many other innocent hopeful folks from losing their pants to these wicked and greedy devils. I know also that 9 out of my 10 prayers would come to pass. So, Alpari UK, this would also come to pass!
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Alpari is a huge company but who knows maybe they scam...
I suggest you will complain against them through the regulator.
Alpari is a huge company but who knows maybe they scam...
I suggest you will complain against them through the regulator.

Thanks Eddiger,

now that I find time, and that I have given them enough grace period to respond I'm going to build up my case against them.

In this world, a lot of big companies thought they can easily get away simply by virtue that they are big, powerful and influential.

The truth is that BIG does not equal to Righteous and Honest. Big simply mean that they aren't petty thieves, but they may be BIG organized Criminals like the Big Mafias.

There's one thing I'm dead confident too - light will always conquer darkness one day. Those who kill by the gun will die by the gun; those who kill by the sword, will die by the sword; and those who cheat by stealing money from innocent folks will have their money cheated too and go bust with nothing left! Alpari-UK deserves this karma.

We can see from history that even the most wicked & powerful Kings and Dictators don't last forever. They'll self-destroy. They'll be overthrown and die a terrible death! Alpari-UK is not even King of brokers.

Moreover, everyone they cheated is now laying and charming curses on them. Heaven would eventually have to act after hearing all these repeated cries and curses.
Try a general support address. Just because one guy left doesn't mean that no one is getting emails.
Go to live support and tell them about this thread and ask them to reply here...

Thanks, Salim. They finally responded, but asking me a silly question, and still in total denial of what they did to my trades a year ago.

This is their response:

Dear Madam

Can you explain precisely which area of the attached statement is causing you confusion ?

Your other concerns have been addressed both here and on the forums.

It is quite clear that you don’t like the answers you have been given, but the fact that you don’t like them doesn’t devalue their validity.

I see no point in revisiting these for the sake of mere repetition, and no further correspondence regarding this will be entertained.

Kind regards

Paul Chenery

Client Support Manager

And below is my response in disgust to the way Paul responded.


do not think that your company can handle this in such high handed manner.

Your company will definitely come to no good end with the insistence of avoiding the issue. What your company did I'm sure, and many other traders knew too, you and your management are fully aware! Do not think you are big, powerful and influential people would believe that you are not like those bucket shops.

Your conscience will prick you for the rest of you people's lives. Whether you're a believer of the Almighty or not does not matter to me, but Heaven surely hear all the curses and cries of people who have been cheated by your company's use of the MT4 VDP. You can deny to men, but the Almighty knew all!

With all the ill-gotten gains, all the wicked people will end up living in palaces with golden beds that they can't rest, having the world's best liquor but can't even swallow a drip of water, having all the filthy money in the bank but only to wakeup one morning and finding that all had flown away and dissolved overnight.

Now, don't ask me what I'm confused about my statement. I have the right to complain, and it's your job to go look into this immediately, and give me an answer as to why has my balance suddenly disappeared into thin air in July 2013!!! Get it???

And don't talk to me with this silly tone of authority. Go talk to your subordinates this way. I am your customer!!!

Paul Chenery of Alpari UK, I'm sure you and/or your peers have read this post. Since your company dared continue denying the dirty tricks you guys played against traders, I want to further challenge Alpari UK to make an official statement here in FPA that your company has NEVER used any MT4 VDP or its equivalent to trade against your customers!!! If you are really clean, then Real Gold fears no Fire! But if you continue evading the issue and making only no-brainer standard statements and forcing down our throats to accept and believe you, isn't Alpari UK no better than those bucket shops?, except that you are the BUCKET SHOP of bucket shops!

In this Internet age, even the world's largest and most renowned pharma companies dared sell untested drugs and lied to consumers; large financial institutions dared rig interest rates and commit several other unscrupulous acts to cheat, so simply harping this no-brainer statement that 'Alpari (UK) Limited is authorised and regulated in the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Register number is 448002' doesn't hold any water anymore, understand??? Aren't these Pharma companies and Financial Institutions also regulated?

So, I repeat my stand that Alpari UK used MT4 VDP or its equivalent to trade against traders. Now make an official statement here that Alpari UK has NEVER used this.
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Rather than getting into a fight with Paul, ask him for a clear and concise explanation of what became of the remaining money in the account.
I didn't get from Paul a straight answer.
Where are the money that the customer claims has been disappeared?
Whilst we can't discuss personal account details on a public forum, we can state that pcb007's claim that the money has been removed from the account is categorically untrue.

The money is where it has always been and the monthly statements confirm this.


Alexander Chadwick
Alpari (UK) Representative