new to forex

A friend of my says he will help me to trade in forex .He is with Alpari
what is alpari ? Is it good to trade with them? Do they have any rating . Pls help.


We have both a rating section and a 'has any one heard of' thread, which in the commerce zone.

The most important thing for you to know is that you should trade for months with virtual money before you put even a cent into a live brokerage account.

What I do know about Alpari is that they have demo accounts that don't expire, but I think they deal in standard lots while allowing you to deal in fractions of a lot down to the equivalent of a mini lot.

Most people find a mini lot to be too much money to trade, especially since there's a huge advantage to being able to take partial profits when your trade is looking good as opposed to only being able to afford a single lot (that would mean you're either in or out).

Don't get starstruck if you're successful working with standard lots and making a huge profit. Don't concentrate on your account balance increase at the expense of your margin (simple summary...margin up - good...margin down - bad.....account balance up or down...who can't pull out balance)

more later


Alternatively, if you want to test-drive a Live account without funding it, some brokers (like SIGTrader4 - Liteforex) allows you to sign-up for a micro Live account and give you free usd5 (with leverage of 1:500) to start trading. Your account should show 2,500 credit and you trade with min. 0.01 lots.
To withdraw any profits, I think (not sure on this) you have to fund some money into that account.

Good luck in your Forex journey!