Alpha Trading CM is a biggest SCAM/FRAUD I ever met.


Hello traders.
It upsets me when after all I have been through, after all my efforts people still deal with this fraud company which goes under the name Alpha Trading CM. After I was victimized I did everything I could in the legal field, posted reviews, and wrote countless letters to the company with zero result so far. I didn’t want to open a case here because I thought I could deal with the problem myself. However seeing people still trusting this company with their money like I once did and seeing how forex industry is full of scam and fraud and corrupt I finally decided to make an input in attempt to help it clear from scumbags who steal peoples' money and get away with it.
I actually wanted to file a case against this company but the system wouldn't let me until I open a thread in Scam Alerts folder even though there already is another thread. Here is a link.
So I am one of the victims of this scam broker. In a nutshell they stole 77000 USD by performing unauthorized trades without my knowledge on my account and to this point denied everything and didn't return me my money.
This thread is just a formality before I proceed to court where I will gladly post supporting documents and explain everything in details.
However, posting here might also help me so you are welcome to discuss the issue here with me and I will wait for some time before I finally proceed to court.
Thank you.
There is a reason for separate threads on separate issues with the same company. How would your Traders Court case look if the other thread on Alpha Trading got marked as resolved?

Separate threads makes it easy to see how many issues there are and how many of those get fixed.

Please do post some of the evidence here. Traders Court case threads don't go public immediately.
Al right. Here is the biggest piece of evidence.
A print screen showing what they actually did.
Please observe.
Some of you might say that the volatility and spreads differ from broker to broker but check with your own account with any broker and you will see that not only the price was so out of market but I ask you to pay a thorough attention to the price behavior itself (how according to them it moved back and forth 12 times in 15 minutes), not even the rates.
A screen shot from Alpari with black rectangle indictes were the price was at the time. The red line indicates a price at which they performed those fake deals.
If you have any questions regarding this matter please do not hesitate to ask.


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