amaandeep natt and shaun powell


these ttwo personsons called shaun powell and amaandeep natt have turned out to be conman.they told me that they make 100 percent returns in a week on my account .a dn whatever the profits i have to give them 40 percent and i agreed to that. in 48 hrs my balance went to minus $1800 i had to take emergency steps to call my broker and closed all the positions. these two individuals comfirmed to me that tehy will refund me the full amount. its been one week i have not got any money. i have been the victim of fraud . i need help as to what action i should take . also this person gave my personal details of my account and password to a third party which in breach of data protection act. need advice please.
scam alert

2 persons named amaandeep natt and shaun powell through facebook pretending to be professinal traders gureentee you returns 100 oercent in a week are conman. they promised me good returns and whatever profits i give them 40 percent and i agreed. soon after they told me to give password and user name so they can trade my account. within 48 hrs of trading my account was in danger of being wiped out. they told me to not to touch my account and let them do the job. it came to almost beeing wiped out i had to take emergency steps to call ny broker and and close my account my own account was in danger. they promised me that they will refund me full amount. and they told me to give my bank details so that i will get my refund in five minutes. its now 1 week and i have not got it i only have their telephone number and no address details . they even gave my personal details and password to third party which is in breach of data protection act. further more they said to me that i cannot do anything anything to them and they wont pay me i can do whatever i want. they turned out to be criminals and conman i have full evedence of skype chat and sms txt message saying that they will refund me in full in five minutes. on a $10000 account they did $100 per pip which is just too dangerous further more they manipulated my account in such a way that my own personal account i could not close it it was only in emergency that i called my broker to close it . had i not instructed my broker to close it i would have ended up losing all my balance with further losses extending to minus and into negative which could have been very dangerous. how can i get my money back i need help.
What about the police? I know you have made a mistake giving them your account but the police may be able to help and give some guidance, it would also scare them into giving you your money back
Did you sign an LPOA?

Why in the world would you let someone with nothing more than a FaceBook site bragging about trading skills touch your account?

Ask your broker to tell you the IP addresses used to place the trades. You'll need that to help hunt these guys down.
yes i did that big mistake by trusting them but they used different ip address fro other part of the world. they said i can do nothing i can report to anybody and nothing will happen to them. i have their phone number. i dont know whether that will help but all the chat conversation is recorded if that helps
i did report to police and they said they cannot do anthing because its bussiness case i have to see my lawyer for that. they even know that i went to police and the reply i got from them was that i can do whatever i want. they even said that police wont do anything. and i can tell everybody about this they are not afraid about this
Did you sign any contract with them? Was the broker notified that a third person would trade your account?
I can help you get their home addresses, phone numbers and personal information. Its simple with the correct contacts, the web and IP adresses. I would need to speak to you 1-1 though to proceed. can you give me your email address and we can proceed with this
Hey i seen something about these 2 guys on facebook, they actually do help alot of people for free.
I spoke to one of them and they told me that their mistake was also giving accounts to another trader they met online called "Ohazulike Anselm" he is notious to claim hes from toronto and he does VERY risky trades. So i guess he must of scammed them too.
Bottom line is Why would you give you account to people that when they make you profit you are fine with it and happy, but when they lose you call them conman, did they steal from you? no.. did they withdraw anything from your account? NO.. you had control of your account and could do anything with it.
So far they seem like straight up guys to me on facebook, they have my friends account and they share this story about what happened, and try and make safe decent trades to people a day.
Get there adress, number? And say what, you was stupid enough to GIVE them all your details which they will have proof for, there is no crime.
Just learn from it and learn how to trade. Peace out
I would like to read what Pharaoh has to say about this case.

A recruit with 1 post starting with something like "he heard about these guys" then continuing with detailed information such as "friends accounts" or "a third guy" and finally insulting the victim...

It looks like he is involved.

The affirmation that there is no crime is non sense because these guys are acting as asset managers but as far as we know, they are not authorized by any financial authority to provide financial services.

So, considering laws in countries such as US, Europe, Canada, Australia, etc ... No matter if they lose or win, they will face a judge sooner or later. Facebook cannot be used as a "no law area".