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AMarkets is a reliable Forex company trusted by many traders internationally. The broker offers its clients favorable terms of cooperation: a wide selection of trading instruments, popular platforms, instant order execution, specialized customer support, etc.
It automatically insures clients for 20 thousand euros, provides 24-hour service and allows you to trade hundreds of assets. Returns up to $14 from each lot back to your account.

Provides brokerage services in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the CIS countries in more than 16 languages. AMarkets offers quality services and comprehensive support to its clients and partners.

AMarkets offers its traders a wide range of financial instruments to trade on numerous lucrative global markets. For example, traders can trade currencies, precious metals, commodities, stocks, indices and cryptocurrency.
The conditions are absolutely transparent, the safety of using personal information and the safety of funds are guaranteed.

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AMarkets is an international online broker with more than 1 million clients and 3 thousand partners around the world. Since 2007, over $30,000,000 in affiliate compensation has been paid.
AMarkets pays for verified registrations and customer deposits for the entire first month.

Details and benefits:

Unlimited payments in a way convenient for the partner.
Free creatives and marketing support.
Detailed statistics.
Wide geography of customer attraction.
Monthly bonus for active partners.
CPA conditions have become even more profitable: up to $20 for registration and up to $500 for a deposit!


The main idea of the affiliate program is for the partner to receive payment for the attracted client. The company offers two earning models, each of which has its own advantages:

"AGENT". This model is based on the principle of calculating remuneration for the volume traded by the attracted client. In fact, Forex broker AMarkets shares with the partner a part of its profit, formed as a result of the presence of spreads and commissions on the transaction concluded by the user. The main advantage of this model is that the agent continues to receive compensation for the company's attracted clients as long as they continue to make transactions. It does not matter whether a profit was made on them: only the volume is taken into account. This is a classic long-term cooperation strategy, which allows you to increase the absolute value of the reward over time as the number of active traders increases.

“WEB MASTER” When using this model, the webmaster receives a reward for confirmed registration (up to $20), as well as up to $500 for the fact of replenishing the account (depending on the size of the deposit) with the obligatory completion of the first trading transaction. This option of cooperation with the Forex broker AMarkets assumes that the partner only needs to provide a click on his link and does not need to wait for the attracted client to close orders for the required amount.


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