This company is completely fake and a fraud. This company also goes by the name of Sengela Trding Limited and before that they scammed people as Golden Day Profit. There is a review for Golden Day and Sengela on FPA and you can find them here:

Please compare the two websites below and you will see it's the same company still scamming people.

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这家公司是完全伪造的,是欺诈。该公司还以Sengela Trading Limited的名称命名,在此之前,他们以“黄金日利润”(Golden Day Profit)
I contacted the Canada Securities Administration today to let them know Ambry Sun is posting fake registrations on their website. Go to the FINTRAC website and search for AmbrySun and you will not find anything! These clowns are not even registered in HK as a business or with the HK SFC but claim to be registered in Canada!

我今天联系了加拿大证券局,让他们知道Ambry Sun在其网站上发布了虚假注册。转到FINTRAC网站并搜索AmbrySun,您将找不到任何东西!这些小丑甚至没有在香港作为企业或在香港证券监督管理委员会注册,而是声称在加拿大注册!这家公司是完全欺诈行为,将窃取您的所有资金。

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I don't understand why you encountered such an experience. I also traded with this dealer, and successfully obtained profit withdrawal. Are you sure you were cheated by similar agents?
Please provide the full name and contact information (email and phone number) of the person you worked with to obtain your funds.

If this company is real, please provide a screenshot of your profits. In addition, please provide the name, phone number and email address of the individual who assisted you to withdraw funds.
请提供协助您提取资金的个人名称。请提供Ambry Trading使用的银行帐号。请不要来这里撒谎!

Please provide the name of the person who assisted you to withdraw funds. Please provide the bank account details for Ambry Trading.
Below are all of the fake websites being used to commit fraud by this group.


Websites used to commit Investment Fraud
Sengela Trding Limited - active
AmbrySun (aka Ambry Trding co. Limited) – active but the financial certifications listed are fake
Prize Capital Limited (aka Prize Markets) – active new
Zero Time Point Co. Limited (aka ZTP) – active new
JQL Markets – active new, but the financial certifications listed are fake
ATMarkets Limited - recently registered, likely the next website to scam with
Hota International Co. Limited - recently registered, likely the next website to scam with
Fortune Way HK Limited
Traders Group Limited
Golden 365 Days Co. Limited
HK Golden Crown Trading Limited
Golden Day Profit (aka Golden Day Profit Kamyip Co. Ltd)

Please provide some proof? Please show us proof that you made a profit and that you can withdraw funds. What is the name and contact information of the person you worked with to withdraw your funds?
Hello All,

One month ago I met a girl, which we started to talk about business and investments. She gave me lots advice about Bitcoin and I decided to start my studies and open an account. She told me to open my wallet in a company in Hong Kong which she has her account and we could use the Meta Trader platform. I had searched for this Ambry company on internet and I did not find any complain and for this reason I opened my account number 88060263. I made some deposits and the credit are available on Meta Trader platform and I cold trade normally and make some profits. However, when I decided to do some withdraw following the company instructions which is fill out the withdraw form and send email to customer service but they never answered me back and I realised that my money trapped with them. I sent 5 emails and they haven't answered. The server that they are using is the Sunroc Industrial which I saw many people complaining it.
The girl was helping me trading giving lots of instructions to develop more skills and she was very polite say that her money is trapped as well, but I don`t believe in any information she gave me. She are using name Jia Xin and Hong Kong phone number (+852 6147 89XX) sent audios, videos and Photos, but it probably is fake.
The company website is and they only contact is though the email:
Were you able to get any resolution with Ambry or are you still waiting to get your money back? What is your total loss with them?