Another Company the FPA is Investigating Faces Fraud Charges


I think RahmanSL must have had some very traumatic breakups with girlfriends. :p
Quite the contrary my friend...:p

That "script" was written & posted based on watching one too many drama movies :cool:


"...those arrested were people. They had husbands (and wives), mothers and fathers, and some times children. Whatever they had done and however serious that it may have been, they were still people..."

Yes, agreed.....there is one born every minute.....lions & hyenas too have cute babies just like their life has to die in order for another to live....and yes, some humans do make skinning some suckers for a living....or, as a matter of fact. killing fellow homo sapiens as a career.

Same-old-same-old! Nothing new under the sun as it has been for thousands of years.
So, did God created man, or did man created God??????...............Very interesting and soul searching question for the religious!


Reading never-ending cases of wanna-be Traders crying here at the FPA and elsewhere, I cannot help but feel jaded by all these too-late-spilled milk story.
Vast majority of them never even bother to read up on those scammers before eagerly handing over their money for some wondrous profits....and I cannot help but think to myself that these eager to get rich wanna-be need these hard lessons to learn not to be too trusting...and greedy...with their (or someone else's) money.


We were all wannabe traders at one point. What we need to do it turn some more victims into crusaders to help spread the word.