Another Crazy One - brokers operating from hotels is A-OK. (First from Babypips, then the OP spread it around)

5. "A broker might steal client money" is not proof that a broker will steal client money. Every company and every person in the world who handles someone else's money might steal the money. Some do. Most don't.

this is precisely why the majority of our modern day frauds continue to prosper freely, because the fraudsters tend to look and smell just like anyone else and because the fraudsters regularly change their masks and their hats AND THE FRAUDSTERS ARE PRESENT IN THESE FORUMS TELLING US THAT WE SHOULD CHILL AND STOP LOOKING FOR FRAUD.

it is almost like the modern day fraudsters have learned how to become invisible and the courts wont allow anyone to see them.

Scam Investigations Committee Note: Looking for fraud is welcome, but throwing out unsuported fraud allegations isn't welcome. Refusing to even provide a standard for any company to meet to not be fraud in your eyes is unacceptable. Since you won't say how a company can prove itself to not be a scam, we'll now make your life easy...

Every Person and Every Company in the world that handles someone else's money is now officially classified as a scam inside the mind of baddog4x.
btw, considering that my seventeen year project is now wrapping up... i would very much enjoy to use your fine forum to establish my company and to also operate a trading journal and whatever other features are available to any other person in this forum..

btw, it is my sincere hope that mr rubin will be joining my team soon.

dont worry, dan is out of prison now and he is doing very well.

i am definitely going to want to operate freely in this forum and i will enjoy operating a trading journal and i would also like to establish a professional team.

my trades over this week:


Scam Investigations Committee Note: A company would likely accept money from other people. By doing this you will gain the ability to scam other people.

By your own standards, your company would automatically be considered to be a scam and you would be a scammer. This disqualifies you from using the forums to promote yourself or your company.

You also claim to want to work with someone accused of securities fraud. The last forex company to openly embrace a known financial criminal also opened a Ponzi scheme as a side business. Later, the entire company went under.

We also find it strange for you to ask for his permission and then also threaten to take legal action against the FPA. Why would the FPA promote a person or company that is suing us?
Scam Alerts is part of the FPA Traders Court. Claims between individual traders where no funds are involved never were and never will be part of the FPA Traders Court process.

not all court claims are about monetary damages.

for example, when babypips allowed other users to slander me, i wouldnt have a problem suing for that.

let me know.

Scam Investigations Committee Note: As we explained, the scope of the FPA Traders Court has specific limits. No one can use the FPA Traders Court to settle personal disagreements.

You couldn't file a complaint with a small claims court over something that wasn't involving an amount of money within the limits set by the court. You can't go straight to a federal court over a property line dispute with your next-door neighbor. You are free to start your own Baddog4x Everything Court to deal with all possible complaints you and others have.

oh yeah, i would like to challenge the forexfactory also.

is there a filing charge for these cases?

let me know.

Scam Investigations Committee Note: If you had read the FAQ, you would know that the FPA never charges members for any service. The case you refer to does not qualify for consideration by the FPA.

btw, i am planning to meet with some attorneys over the next few weeks and i am going to suggest to them that i would enjoy to litigate with both the forexpeacearmy and with babypips and with the forexfactory.

would you mind sharing with me that contact information of your legal department?

much appreciated.

Scam Investigations Committee Note: Make sure to tell your lawyer all about how you opened a thread with incorrect information about the postal address of a broker and how you continued to post about that at the FPA and elsewhere even after AsstModerator showed you that the broker's address was in a different building than the hotel.

If your lawyer wants to sue the FPA, this contact page is the place to get in touch. The FPA's TOS make it clear that lawsuit threats are subject to publication and can be publicized.

The FPA's TOS make it clear that lawsuit threats are subject to publication and can be publicized.

You have been banned and are Dishonorably Discharged from the Forex Peace Army. The time spent dealing with you would have been far better spent helping people who really have been scammed.

Normally, people who threaten to sue the FPA get publicized in the
Scoundrels folder. Since your case seems special, it will now be moved to the Forex Insanity Folder.