Another romance scam -

ALEX 1911

How annoying these scamming women are! Here is another site of scammers made there 100 dollars twice gave to withdraw money for 3 times wanted to withdraw 130 dollars, and I can't support service does not respond, the girl is also missing!


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Why would anyone trust someone they met online, a complete stranger who could be anybody they wish to be in the faceless internet world?

Few years back, I had my fair share of online chats in many sites, but it doesn't take a genius to filter out the genuine from the fakes & scammers.
We get scammed because we want to believe in that person with a pretty face and sweet chats even though it's obvious that person is only interested in money.
In those early years, the normal scamm story is about poverty, and the "urgent" need of money for school, food, sickness, etc, etc.
With the popularity & ease of online trading, that has shifted to promises of quick-fast-easy profits and, coupled with pretty sexy women, that is like an attraction of fire to moths. Deadly!

Practice common sense & good judgement and these scammers will have to come up with another form of scamming to make it worth their time & energy.