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Problem Another Victim Of Citrades

I am having an issue with a company


I found an ad online about an Automated System where it makes you money while you Sleep ,
Should have Known better , Well it finaly ended up at Citrades and the System will not work until
you deposit at least $ 250.00 USD . I deposited 300.00 USD But my Bank turned down the Deposit .
I didn't know that till someone from Citrades called me and said it didnt go through , The same guy
told me I have to call the bank and tell them personaly that the transaction was okay . I did that
and then someone from Citrades called me back and told me it went though so then he put me on
the phone with someone at Citrades and convinced me that more money Invested brings in more of
a Return . Me in my ignorance deposited 4,700.00 USD to total 5,000.00 USD . After numerous Chat
support messages and calls I decided to withdraw 1,000.00 from my account . About a week ago I
sent the nessesary documents along with the request for the money. I received an email from the
Accounting office saying that they got the Documents and it would take 2 to 3
days to process. About
two ago days no Money I looked at my account and an it said the withdraw was canceled , " I was
not a happy camper "! I finaley get Josh Howard on the phone and told him the problem with the
Withdraw . He said I was in a Trading Program that it was in a contract for 6 months . What ? That
was never explained to me . As a matter of fact Not one thing was explained to me About the Auto
Trading System Account I was in and my money was going to be used except for (It's Automatic
Trading and it's possible you might lose some money) Now body said I could not take some or all
my money out .And no one said anything about a contract with any one or any thing till Josh
Howard told me yesterday. Even threatnd to hang up the phone when I told him he never disclosed
anything about the Auto System , My Account and How it worked ! Today All thats left in there is
1,104.94 . I told them to stop trading and they hav'nt ! Give me whats left and they have not. How
can they get away with that ? Tomorrow will be the third attempt to get my money back then to
traders court If I have to ! Any suggestions or support on this matter would be greatly appreciated
Thank you , from another Victim .
I suggest you to file a court case through forex peace army so we can rank them as scam finally.

Also send them aninvitation through chat or email to join this thread
I also made copys of the two times I tried to make withdraws with enough money in the account to cover it also of the emails asking them to stop trading awhile ago do I save these Or how do I include them in the thread ?
After you hit reply, select "Go Advanced". You'll see an option for attachments.

Also, to file an FPA Traders Court case, click here. Make sure to read the instructions carefully.
I'll file with the FPA tomorrow and send all nessesary documents with it . Thank You again . I also Invited Josh Howard Senior Broker of citrades to join this Discussion .
Citrades To Clients Investment gift or what you would call it :

I noticed when I was reading their Discloser and privacy act that some problems might arise from me copying doc's from there site now In this day in age its my documents that are being put to the judge ,I do not have problems with that , They are documents from there site with my name on it my account and supposedly what they are doing with it and how they are descloseing to me how they are useing it ! Now Im going to give to you a series of documents pertaining to what I was expected to get without beening told what I was to get and I found this On their siteView attachment 11.pdf Sorry I'm not done yet ! Please pay Attention to the tradeing still beind done onthe top of that page . here's another View attachment Contact Us - Citrades 2.pdfView attachment Contact Us - Citrades 3.pdfView attachment Contact Us - Citrades 4.pdf Im sorry I have to go right now , But believe me Im just getting Warmed Up , NicholasS