Another victim of Velocity4x/StartForex


Hello. I read the other thread on Velocity/StartForax and also FPA has already confirmed they are scam, again I need to stress this case with my story as follows;

- I opened up an account at Velocity4x on Feb 3, 2009

- Depositted money thru credit card almost the same day, and they confirmed my deposit on Feb 10, 2009

- Since it seemed their trading condition was really competitive and attractive, I opened up additional 2 accounts on Feb 17, 2009 and deposited money almost the same day.

- In the mean time, I heard some bad rumor on Velocity4x, I requested withdrawal of my money from 2 out of 3 accounts, on Mar 10 and Mar 21, respectively.

- Eventually I made lost trades rather than profit ones by then and stopped trading since then. I mean I made withdrawal reuquests for balance of my accounts which are less than my initial desposit value.

- On Apr 2, 2009, I was informed via e-mail from Velocity4x that my withdrawal requests had been successfully transfered to StartForex.

- Even though I have kept asking them their progress on my withdrawal via
e-mail more than 15 times since Apr 2, unfortunately enough they have never responded me yet to date.

- Last weekend I warned them to report the case to FPA, but again there have been no response from them, so I decided to post it here today.

I will file a complaint shortly.