Any beginner forex trainining programs recommended


Hi, I am very new to forex and trying to learn. I am struggling to learn through books and other materials does anyone have any recommendations for training programs for base level beginners. I also would like to know are there any realtime classrooms for learning how to trade that any member would recommend to attend their training. Thanks


hi new beginner

May i suggest that you look at] - a very good site for learning the basics of forex trading - check out their educational section - highly regarded by many traders.

Also, one of the quickest and easiest ways of gaining knowledge and experience in trading is to join one of the many trading chatrooms, where traders discuss trades and stratergies during live trading sessions - I personally found it invaluable as trading IS a very lonely business - so it is reassuring and highly educational when you join other traders and see them discussing the trades you yourself may be contemplating trading.

Many Forex sites have chatrooms and hence I cannot speak for all, but to me the most supportive and friendly one I found (hence no need for me to look further) was at fx : Tools and Strategies to Empower the Professional Forex Trader

Experienced and successful traders, as well as beginners, are to be found there where everyone is most supportive of one another and always willing to answer/explain any questions you may have. Also a very experienced and highly respected trader (he has even trained bank traders how to trade!!) gives a free discussion/instructional session each day at 18.00hrs GMT - and it is all free!! - just sign up and log in.

Hope you find this useful. Good luck.
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I would also recommend babypips. Helped me a lot to understand the language and facts of forex. They even have a profitable strategy with daily signals. Check it out!


Great advice for novices

Steve Nison (the grandfather of candlesticks) and peter bain will be offering a seminar on candlesticks specifically for the forex. I think this is a tremendous opportunity for newbies to get the nuts and bolts of the forex. The truth is that the best indicator is price action itself not lagging indicators. Candlestick formations and price patterns form the basis of that price action. The basics of candlesticks, fibonaccis, trendlines and chat patterns should give any novice the tools he needs to begin trading the forex. This is just one manager's humble opinion.


Only Very easy to understand and useful, not like some complicated courses which even charge and confuse you.


I'm guessing that the rearrangement of forums with an Education tab and folders for education under it means that we'll be getting some more stuff of that sort here too. Think I'll dig through some of my old posts and put some things together and see if Felix thinks their good enough to go in the education folders.