Anybody heard of TIRN ?

Rosario Delgado

Hello, I am new on this site. I am surprised of the amount of scams that are going on. I didnt know anything about Forex until a coworker mentioned he has invested some money in a new company that has less than one year in now. He brought a couple of people to talk about the company and according to him you can make 11% per month.

I would like to get scamed, so I am asking around to see if anybody has ever heard of that company. The name is Traders International Return Network and is supposely based in switzerland. But I dont know... I dont have experience in this kind of things, Maybe you can see some signs that are not so obvious for inexperienced people like me lol

Thanlks for the help!

Rosario D.


Red flags all over it.

Read this:

Look at the bottom of the home page. There are legitimate investments that pay a higher rate if you put more in, but jumping from 9% to 21% (per month!!!) is just an incentive to try to get you as much money as you can scrape together. They definitely want you in that $50,000 plus bracket.

And, they'll up your returns by another percent if you agree to let them reinvest all your profits for 6 months. This lets them avoid having any pesky withdrawal problems during that time.

Swiss? They've got an address in Switzerland and one in Malaysia. The website is available in English and Spanish. A Swiss company would be much more likely to have French and/or German before they add Spanish.

There is no phone number listed on the website. They say you can use their contact us button and they will get back to you.

Wow! They won't even let you into their "Investment Club" without a sponsor. This forces you to join someone's MLM downline to get in. Of course, they'll be happy to hook you up with someone.

In their favor, they do mention that their extremely high returns are not guaranteed if you dig deep enough in their website. Of course, this means they could suddenly lose all your money the same day you ask to withdraw some of it.

I can only find references to moving money via wire transfer. This is better than some sort of e-metal, but the bank account you wire to can resend the money anywhere.

Your downline commission percentages are based on both the total invested by your downline AND the amount you have invested.

Clicking their Terms and Conditions reveals a contract with a space for your signature and no space for them to sign. You obligate yourself, they don't return any obligations.

There's no mention of this "investment club" holding any sort of license or registration anywhere.

So, are you ready to turn over thousand (or tens of thousands) of your hard earned dollars to an unlicensed, unregulated, unregistered "Investment Club" with no phone number? If so, make sure to put in as much money as you can to get the most interest possible. Also, get as big of a downline as you can to collect even more money. Also, lock in your money for at least 6 months to get even more interest.

They even leave themselves an out. By saying that returns aren't guaranteed, they can just "suffer major reversals" while trading and suddenly all that money you were about to withdraw was lost in the market.

Mr. Ponzi would be proud.


Red flags all over it.

Having recently joined TIRN I would like to lower some of the flags on this list. Many, I feel, are hasty judgments. A few of them are fair and I'll answer those also:

Every member that I know easily obtained a phone number for TIRN. The company also has live chat support and are great at returning emails same day.

I don't understand why providing incentive for members to invest more is somehow devious. Why wouldn't an investor want more money? They insure as little as 5k and have a minimum investment option of $500. A 50k minimum provides the highest interest earning.

Swiss language option? They are a Panamanian-based company. I've seen a copy of the business license. They have offices in Orlando, Switzerland, Malaysia, etc. The Spanish/English option is there probably because they service mainly English and Spanish speaking people at least on that site. Now I've noticed that they are in fact providing other European language options in the future.

I'm not sure what's wrong with the private club idea. It gives members incentive to recruit and earn commissions, starting their own club. If you hit "join" you must have a sponsor's number to proceed. I'm not aware of any other way to join.

You don't have to dig deep to find their high returns disclaimer. They force you to read it before going to ANY section of the site! It looks like someone needs to clear their Explorer cache.

$1000's? I think I'll start with $500 and see how this goes. I know investing is a risk. I've got good people telling me they think it is a good opportunity and that the company is solid.

Ponzi? This is in no way a ponzi. They don't funnel ANY part of your investment to provide commissions or earnings to your upline. Those come out of the company's earnings. Uplines are not supported by downline investments.

TIRN is registered in Panama and Belize. Soon they'll be registered in Japan.

I'm not sure what could be wrong with the contract. This is a TIRN contract. They're printed on it. It's just like a contract from a car dealer that only requires the buyer's sig.

I welcome any additional comments or findings on TIRN.

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Panama is where most of the Ponzi Hyips we've been hearing so much about seem to be based. Belize is a common site of registry for some of the less than ethical brokers that people have problems with. Maybe if this thing really gets registered in Japan I might give a tiny amount of credence to it. Of course, I'd want to see what it is registered as and how it is regulated.

I'll wager that Swiss office is a virtual office. Note that they claim to have an office there, but no mention of being registered there. I get VERY suspicious of any company trying to project a fake "Swiss Image" that isn't properly registered and regulated in Switzerland. So, why do you think they have a Swiss office, but no mention of being registered in Switzerland?

Incentives for greater investment are fine, but 21%? I seem to recall someone in the news lately with a Ponzi that was only offering 10% per year.

I'm glad to hear they give out phone numbers. That provides a tiny amount of reassurance. Of course, disposable phone numbers are easy to come by.

MLM and forex - bad mix. It encourages people to play up any returns and minimize any potential bad sides to an investment. MLM also works very well to pump more cash in if this is a Ponzi scheme. Does this mean that any MLM-Forex hybrid is automatically a Ponzi? No, but it's one more thing to tilt the odds.

Personally, I suggest avoiding any sort of managed account that doesn't already have some serious registrations with regulators and a year or more of audited returns. Anything less is just an invitation to total loss.


I am ready to Invest in MYTIRN.

I found this company trough a friend who's whole family have investments with MYTIRN., with good results. The owner of this company is an American Born guy with high sense of business potential . Company is expanding day in day out.

I personally talked to the manager in charge for my country (well known by a trustworthy relative) and he explained to my about all the investments MYTIRN is involved, not only for FOREX trading but other lucrative short Investments . Well, in this recession is taking on my family very hard, I must try to find the WAY OF INCOME in order to keep on going with my life, otherwise I will be homeless very soon.
I do understand the risk, but I shall take it, more confident since as I said, I know people already benefiting of this Investment opportunity.

edwin neville

ive got some friends in this and it seems to be legit and making good returns . im thinking about putting some money in


Talked to the manager. Have friends in it. That's exactly what happened with CRE Capital Corporation. A nice office, a persuasive manager, and friends who have invested is NOT a good enough reason to place money with a company.

Find out exactly what regulators this company answers to. Demand to look at real trading statements. Spend some time and, if needed, money investigating first.


Whats the Latest

hi !
whats the latest development reguarding the TIRN factor...
whats the truth..
whats they up to ...
any more investigation news on this particular... thing .. do let it get published...



Hello all, Very curious to learn about this program... Did any one make the high interest ROI in this program??

Oliver Kopec

Hello, I am new on this site. I am surprised of the amount of scams that are going on. I didnt know anything about Forex until a coworker mentioned he has invested some money in a new company that has less than one year in now. He brought a couple of people to talk about the company and according to him you can make 11% per month.

I would like to get scamed, so I am asking around to see if anybody has ever heard of that company. The name is Traders International Return Network and is supposely based in switzerland. But I dont know... I dont have experience in this kind of things, Maybe you can see some signs that are not so obvious for inexperienced people like me lol

Thanlks for the help!

Rosario D.

Hello I am new to the forum, I'm a free member of TIRN but have a money to invest. here is what a stock options trader has to say about TIRN its a bit long:shocked:

A Personal Blog About The TIRN Company
Why You Should Consider This Investment Avenue
by Bob Anderson

Not long ago, I was a happy stock options trader. I designed my own system, utilizing an array of engine parts from other people’s theories, strategies, and services. I was earning more than 800% annualized gain on my trades.

Then the housing bubble burst and soon Bear Stearns crashed, being sold to JP Morgan Chase for 8% of its value from its 52-week high. Then came the unwinding of the credit market and there were subsequent agonizing market crashes. I got out of stock options because the market no longer traded on fundamentals but rather on global economic earthquakes and aftershocks. You simply couldn’t navigate a profitable course anymore. So, I’ve been waiting on the sidelines…waiting for another extraordinary opportunity.

With the current global economic distress, so many people are finding themselves in a financial crisis. I certainly care about my own household, but I’ve also been stung with compassion for other people as well. One catalyst for this empathy is that I currently serve on the “Benevolence Team” of our church. We help folks in our congregation who are in financial need. We interview them and assess their situations, and then decide how much we can give them from the benevolence fund. It’s a real heart breaker. In fact, on occasion, some of the team members have reached into their own pockets and handed out cash to help some of the more urgent cases until the church check got processed.

In light of all of this, I’m presenting information about an investment vehicle that could be an answer for many people (disenfranchised options traders like myself, single moms who just lost their jobs, or aging Boomers who suddenly realize that, “Oh my gosh!”—They don’t really have a retirement in place after all.)

I can’t guarantee that what I’m sharing with you is your answer.
However, every indication I’ve seen thus far presents more than hope—it presents an astounding track record of financial return, administrated by sterling leadership, utilizing high-end technology, managed by highly skilled professionals, in a unique market that almost seems to be immune to Wall Street’s agonies. I offer this for the reader’s careful consideration, but I have no way of guaranteeing anyone’s personal results. Please remember that.

Here’s some back-story. Not long ago I had coffee with a good friend, Marcus, a missionary to Asia, along with a former minister, Chris, who helps people get out of debt. They have both linked up with this investment company run by very responsible leadership, a group called TIRN (Traders International Return Network). My friend, Chris, has an open door to interface with the company’s president, and another one of his friends, Paco Garcia, is a renown pastor from northern Spain who has actually met with the Board of Directors of TIRN. Paco made the trip around the globe in a personal quest to investigate the whole operation. After a diligent investigation of three months, Paco said that TIRN has a “very clean bill of health.”

The TIRN company, with offices in Dubai and Orlando, has a small army of trained experts trading in a wide array of fields including energy, but they are also very strong with the foreign currency market (“Forex”). Which has an astounding liquidity of $3.2 trillion running through its veins every day. (Google it.) TIRN’s group of expert investors works with their own highly sophisticated proprietary software and they are delivering up to 22% a month to their investors.
Of course, nothing in the investment world is guaranteed. (Look at the “darling of Wall Street”, Goldman Sachs—they lost 63% of their value from January 2008 to the beginning of December.)

However, TIRN’s track record is stunning. How do they do it?

When it comes to the “Forex” market, the beauty of this field (if you’re an expert) is that it isn’t necessarily tied to the whims and failures of the stock market. With Forex, one foreign currency is traded against another in a constantly fluid market (again, $3.2 trillion daily). If the stock market crashes, Forex trading can actually still be profitable.

A perfect example: at the end of September ‘08, the Dow Jones Wilshire 5000 Composite Index recorded a paper loss of $1 trillion across the market for the day—a historic first. And in October, the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 14% of its value. Ah, so how did TIRN investments do during those same two months of historic disasters on Wall Street? In October, minimum investments of $500 in a TIRN account received 8.2% gain and investments of $50,000 received 21%. September’s numbers were similar.

These figures are electrifying. When you take the power of a return rate of up to 22%... mixed with a FREE and simple service that empowers even small investments ($1,000 minimum) to “piggyback” on the trading genius of whiz-kid experts utilizing cutting-edge software. In a market fairly immune to falling stocks, all of which is overseen by strong ethical leadership who have a passion to multiply wealth to common folks…you’ve got an amazing opportunity. No guarantees …but astounding potential!

Add to this opportunity the nuclear force of “compound gain”. Compound gain is a subject few people really understand—though they often think they do. I certainly didn’t get it for most of my life. It’s a subject that should be taught at every grade level. The results one can receive from compound gain over time are remarkable. According to my financial calculator, if TIRN can consistently maintain their track record into the future, $1,000 can become $1 million in around 5 years. If you invest $5,000 at 15% per month it becomes $1 million in about 3 years (37.9 months). And $50,000 becomes $1 million in just 15 months at 22% per month.

All of this assumes, of course, that TIRN continues to match their existing monthly track records of high gains and all of those gains with principle are continually reinvested by the account holder into new accounts (each one with a $50,000 max) to start over during those stretches of time. (Multiple accounts would be needed, of course, for the really high numbers.)

What I’ve noticed when I talk to friends about such high numbers emerging from a TIRN account and/or from compound gain, there’s a measure of unbelief. It’s like they don’t even hear your words. Nobody believes such returns are possible. However, I’m in a different situation. Because I’ve traded stock options with an 800%+ annualized gain average, not only is it easy for me to believe TIRN can churn out these gains, but 22% a month actually seems a bit lackluster by comparison to my previous options trading results (forgive my condescension)! But no longer am I cocky. Believe me, in a broken market in which trading options is just way too unpredictable, I’ve since changed my attitude: 22% per month is an oasis of delight!

Here’s one more illustration of compound gain that has nothing to do with Forex. Google these words: “paperclip, house, Canada.” What you’ll see come up are stories about a young man who started with a paperclip and endeavored to trade upwards until he ended up with a house. Sounds insane, doesn’t it? Poor deranged lad. However, he accomplished his goal in one year through just 14 trades. That’s the power of compound gain. Each time you gain ground, you use all that ground to gain even more ground. Do this repeatedly and the leverage becomes a magic trick. Few people live and work with this knowledge. Everyone just tends to think: “Get a good job, work real hard and try to ascend the corporate ladder.

Oh yeah, and save some money in a savings account yielding 5% a year.” No! Your money should be working for you, not you working for your money. (Oh how I wish I’d learned this in High School! I’m speaking from my pain.)

Whenever you consider making an investment, risk management is central to every decision. If you properly manage risk, profits tend to take care of themselves. Risk comes by potentially jeopardizing something of value in order to gain something of greater value in the long run with chances for loss calculated into the equation.

I’m very familiar with risk. I’ve dealt with risk extensively in trading options to get 800%. And a very dear friend of mine, a risk management expert formerly at NASA, was responsible for making significant contributions to getting the astronauts of six Apollo missions safely to the lunar surface and back. Admittedly, these are, perhaps, dramatic examples of risk-taking, but…

We all take risks everyday. For example, most of us take trips on commercial airlines. We know that the jet could crash to the ground in a giant fireball—a horribly nightmarish concept. But we get on those flying tubes of metal anyway because we want to take a vacation to, say, Hawaii.

We esteem the reward to be great, and even though the potential loss is unimaginable (being burned alive or smashing into a mountain), we calculate that the chances of such disaster is very slim, so we happily board the plane in the face of risk.

EVERYTHING has risk. Consider the act of getting out of bed in the morning. Most likely, that will be the very act that will lead to death for many of us (while others of us will die in our sleep). But every day, we risk it—we get up. Now then, risk is a funny two-edged sword. Certainly there is risk in getting out of bed and facing the day, but there’s also risk in NOT ever getting out of bed again: specifically, forfeiting the rest of our lives. Therefore, risk requires management.

So how do we deal with this dilemma of risk-taking as it pertains to a TIRN account? Let’s explore a few logic paths.

First, don’t believe a word I’m telling you! You don’t know me and I could be a thief. As you stir up your own risk management skills, take inventory of all of the negative attributes I could embody as a person; I could be a scalawag, a rascal, a hoodlum, a rapscallion, a scoundrel, a trickster, a varlet, and yes, even vermin on legs.

Therefore, since I may truly be a seedy character of ill will, take this into your own hands. Run some tests yourself. If you open a TIRN account, it’s free, there are no monthly fees, no deposit is required for 15 days and there are no obligations. (If you don’t make a deposit, the account may close, but you can get another one later whenever you have the cash.)

So far so good; risk factor is low. The reward: with a TIRN account activated (it may take two minutes) you’ll have access to more pages on the TIRN site which means you can add to your knowledge about whether this adventure could provide you with much-needed financial provision and thus empower you to change your life, reach your dreams or get free of a very painful financial situation.

With an account, you can also review the posted data of each previous month’s performance by TIRN. If you like what you see, you might risk the minimum deposit of $1,000. That doesn’t seem like a hefty investment, but if the TIRN company can maintain their track record of gains, that $1,000 will become $1 million in about 5 years (do the math yourself with their online calculator). So, with $1,000 deposited, watch how it performs. At the end of the 6-month investment cycle, that $1,000 may have almost doubled to $1,762. If so, take out most of your principle—the $762—and reinvest the remaining $1,000. At this point, you’re only risking $238 of your hard-earned money to become a millionaire in five years. That’s hardly a terrifying risk, considering that you could easily blow that amount on dinner alone in just one evening.

(Imagine, if you will, that you’re in a fancy restaurant. Walking up to your table is a stately waiter with a French accent and long thin moustache. He eagerly shares the specials of the day with the utmost pride and breathless rapid delivery:
“Good evening, sir. Tonight, allow me to suggest to you Le Bar aux Échalottes Confites,” he chuckles, “which of course is Sea Bass and Shallot Compote with a Red Wine glaze—a most delectable choice for just one hundred fifteen. Or, if that is not the passion of your palette, for the very same price, may I suggest that you become a millionaire. What is your pleasure this evening, sir?”).

When making investment decisions, one is often confronted with considering the risk-to-reward ratio of any given play. I believe you’ll never find a risk-to-reward ratio like this one of 1:8,695. Not ever. I haven’t seen anything even close to that in the stock options world; the best scenario I’ve seen was more like 1:50.

To further minimize risk, you might share this idea with ten friends. Everyone puts $50 into a new “test” account. If everyone’s thrilled with the results after 6 months, everyone can set up their own accounts and… off you go.

To minimize risk yet even further, TIRN Funds Guarantee program follows a more conservative approach of trading and generating returns that are more consistent with general market patterns. Funds are guaranteed by escrow accounts or letters of credit where 90% of the investor funds are secured. If the TIRN investment is everything it appears to be by virtue of its track record and by diligent personal investigations reporting high praises, there could actually be a huge risk for some individuals if they don’t consider a trial TIRN account—that is, a big risk from doing nothing. If we do nothing, nothing will change. So a person considering the TIRN account should ask themselves three questions reflecting three different possible scenarios:

(1) “If I do nothing aggressive about my finances, where will I be financially ten years from now?”
(2) “If I risk a $1,000 investment in a TIRN account and it’s lost by some unforeseen scenario, how will that affect me in the long run, ten years from now?”
(3) “If I invest $1,000 and it turns into a $1 million in about five years, where will I be financially ten years from now?”

It’s a calculation each person needs to make for themselves. Also, be sure to have your investment portfolio diversified. Don’t put everything you’ve got into one place. A TIRN account should only be a portion of your investments. It will represent the “higher risk – higher reward” portion of the pie chart.

By the way, the reason I keep referring to “risk” in regards to a TIRN account is not because of any negatives known by me or by my friends who have diligently looked into the company. It’s because…
(1) Any investment, by nature, will have a risk factor. You don’t know what you don’t know.
(2) The standard rule of investing is that the higher the reward, the higher the risk will likely be, though TIRN’s track record tends to slice through that block of wisdom just a tad.

If you make big money over time with TIRN, you may want to take out of your account half of the gains you just received at the end of each six-month interval. That way you’ll be earning cash-in-hand while also reinvesting substantial funds for future growth. Remember, don’t believe a word I’m saying about any of this! Have someone you trust check out this service for you. My hope is that the TIRN opportunity will dramatically help countless people!

In closing, I’ll present a recent statement from:
David Merrick, CEO and President of TIRN.

From our inception, our main goals were achieving the needed investment returns and obtaining as much security as is possible with investments. We are working from a five-year business plan based on our objectives and known results to date. We looked at many different trading options and traders themselves. The one we chose has a proprietary system that had been obtaining the needed results for over two years and is the reason we have met our goals in TIRN to date. This trader has access to 10 top liquidity providers and we work with 12 traders in this firm. TIRN now actually owns part of this firm so we are really aware of daily activities. On top of results we needed the proper methods or philosophy of trading. We have adopted some tried and true techniques that are still very effective. Diversify your investments, never invest all of your money at one time, set stop loss limits (10%) and at TIRN we have a reserve fund. Diversify means, not only, types of investments such as commodities and currency, but also diversifying within those individual areas. We operate in each area with many smaller more flexible account rather than one cumbersome large account.
We also continue to seek new and effective income venues. We are adding another trader and as we speak our staff is performing due diligence on purchasing a trading firm in the Malaysia area. Coupled with these activities will come our Funds Guarantee Program. With this program TIRN will be able to guarantee an investors principle while providing very good monthly returns.
—David Merrick, President & CEO of TIRN