Anyone else scammed by 360bullfxtrading


Hi everyone

Looking to know if anyone else has been scammed by 360bullfxtrading?

A long story short, I was bitcoin mining with this company but when i tried to withdraw this is were the issues started

They emailed saying i had to pay taxes and fees of $2200 so in total they took nearly $5000

There is a balance still on the account for $20200 but they keep demanding more money before its released

Any help would be greatly appreciated
I had also scammed by
If you are having a serious problem with a company, you should open your own thread in Scam Alerts and give details.

Why your own thread?

1. If the person who started this thread has their issue resolved, this whole thread will be marked as resolved.

2. Your thread can have a link from your review. This makes your issue more visible.

3. Issues can be different. Having your own thread makes it easier to get advice specific to resolving your issue.
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