Anyone ever hear of CFG (Concorde Forex Group)?


Yup! $5,000 for a two day class with all the religious righteousness of an upstanding organization and all the tools to watch moving averages and an oscillator for 5K to the uninitiated. That was in 2002. Now, after being sooo much more educated, I can see where an individual (or a few prickly minds) can reduce a complex subject to trading crossing lines for mega-bucks. And, they were an IB for FXCM, to round it all out. Yes, they have been shut down and gone BK and so many well intentioned newbies are out, not only their 5K training, but their initial account, trading a system that was flawed from the beginning, but unrecognized as fraud to most.

There have been so many stories like this in the wild-west Retail Forex Market of 2001 - 2007. Many new changes have been instituted and organizations like Felix's have helped tremendously during the learning curve period of many newbie suckers, like me, at one point. I'm much more mature now and use the exchanges instead - 100:1 or 200:1 leverage reeks of inappropriateness, preying on newbies looking for Vegas style returns. Please stay away from those retail brokers offering only this, as`they still are without lower leverage. Longer term trading with low leverage is the answer. Please stay off the 5 minute chart unless you are a Forex surgeon, of which there are so few, or you will be another casualty. Free enterprise, with no regulation and these will always be the stories, regardless of the culture.


I will affirm that the information here is incorrect. I have been a student of Snellgrove since March of 2011. I have taken the two-day course, have studied his methods and have spent hundreds of hours with him on his Mon-Thu 6am webinar. I know many of his students and will declare that he is a reliable teacher. The Forex market is a minefield and many students get a little knowledge and run off greedily to find their fortunes. Most traders fail - over 90%! I have examined trading histories of a number of Snellgrove's students and have seen summaries of 50, 100 and even 200 trades without a loss. I myself achieved 50+ trades without a loss following his conservative methods. So while the comments here on this thread are old, the need to correct the wrong information is very contemporary. Here's the bottom line: If I weren't gaining value from following Snellgrove's training, I wouldn't continue. I know a number of his students from around the country and we all share a common sense of appreciation for his methods and his character. Did CFG go through a tough time? Yes. But anyone who takes the time to dig up the real facts will discover it wasn't because of Snellgrove. And - as to the price of the training, I've seen more expensive courses online. People miss the point if they think it's "two days for $5k+". It's two days of in person training followed by 200+ hours a year of continuing education through the four-day a week webinar. Only students of the two-day training have access - and the webinar has scores of students daily. So - the material facts as they stand today contradict the opinions and allegations of the naysayers. After 28 months and hundreds of hours under his tutelage, I can affirm that Snellgrove's methods are conservative, reliable, consistent and proven. There's more background information on the history of CFG at I am not an employee of Snellgrove; only a student. I'm disturbed by the misinformation and disinformation that is floating around the web and I feel a compelling obligation to state the material facts as I know them.