Anyone trading news releases (with SNW) using futures?

West Coast Pips

Hey Everyone

Trading news releases with forex retail has become more and more difficult. I have seen many changes over the last 4 years when it comes to trading the news with different brokers. Years ago one could get great fills with brokers and reap super profit. Now brokers despise their clients trading the news and make every effort to combat fills.

I have heard that some people are now trying futures to trade news releases. This obviously requires one to move from forex retail to futures brokers. Does anyone have any comments on this please? Anyone been successful with forex futures trading?

Thanks, WCP.


West Coast Pips,

I have tried this, but I still experienced massive slippage, as in the futures industry they have up to 3 minutes to fill a position. Have you or anyone else tried recently and had any luck? If not, what about forex firms?