Anyone tried Forex Signal Mentor


Hi Guys,

I am seriously looking at buying this however I haven't been able to find any reviews on it yet. The person behind it promotes how he will be there for you to give you mentorship, blah blah blah. Unfortunately I have seen all this before and it just looks like every other Forex marketing campaign. Just in case I am wrong though, has anyone looked at it or given it a go and can give me a review on it?

Ken Long

I'm looking at this right now, but I havent signed on yet. It does have most of the usual marketing hooks, but not exactly. He also seems to be offering a lot for $97, or $77 if you order without an affiliate arangement. He's offering 60% to affiliates. There doesnt seem to be any money back guarantee, so we would have to trust his marketing hype, which we have all seen before.

Despite all the marketing he seems a bit different. He's offering more of himself than I think is realistic. He's offering multiple strategies and making himself available for questions. And he's doing live trading and posting his trades for all to see and follow. It could be interesting if its real. But as usual it seems a bit to good to be true.


Run don't walk from this guy

I bought the ForexSignalMentor package and it's horrible. He claims that most months that he makes around 7,000 pips. But most of what he teaches are candlestick patterns such as 3 White Soldiers, abandoned baby and shooting stars, which you can learn free elsewhere on sites like Candlesticker by - Candlesticks

He also advocates risking 400 or 500 pips to make 100 pips.

Yes I kid you not. He markets another piece of software called the Ultimate Golden Cross indicator which he says is 100% effective no losers. It's a triple moving average cross over system.

His name is Loz. Run don't walk away from this guy. He also spams you shamelessly if you buy anything from him and he's rude to boot.