Apiary Investment Fund - Too good to be true??

Elijah Marks

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That wasn't how it was when I joined, nor do I think it is that way now.

I got a FREE 14 day trial to try it before I bought it. and I can tell you that after 20+ years of trading 90%+ of what I find for free is junk, same goes for data, the best market data that I get is PAID. the reality is that in the professional world of trading, you need to focus on trading, not on market intelligence, data aggregation, MA, TA
, etc, so for me paid is better, very few free stuff do I spend much time analyzing as its mostly junk. I am still trading for Apiary and my funding level has been increased, and they continue to pay as agreed.

I am relatively new to this site and was linked here by checking into a dif company but IT grows so tiresome of this 97$ up front charge. I will state up front i am in the trading business and have run over 35 Emini traders but never once charged them(currently run FX aglos for EURUSD and USDJPY - and don't charge to try your metal) I run algo trading systems and give guys a shot to work within the systems because the systems are proven paths to long term success. This sign up and pay and then get a stupid crazy restricted account is the worst and our business continues to breed new parasitic ideas


Hi there, you can learn alot from other places for No Cost like youtube etc... Dont waste your money on apairy education cost. Even though it's top rated material, but "patience" is learn during trial and error. They can teach you patience, that is traders own lesson they develop over time, it's part of our struggle.


APIARY INVESTMENT FUND is using their 2 weeks free trial as their BAIT to get you on their program. This is their business marketing strategy to get somebody on the program. They will get your CREDIT/DEBIT CARD DETAILS during the sign up process for 2 weeks FREE TRIAL. After that, they will charge your CARD for $97 even you will not continue on the program. This is the “FREE TRIAL” that you will pay at the end.

It happened to me. BE AWARE AND BEWARE.

There are many options of Forex Proprietary Trading firm better than them that don’t require monthly $97 monthly subscription. Just do your research.