Apple Investment Company scammed us!


Apple Investment Company Pty Ltd deliberately mislead me in their words, product literature and online, into purchasing an "education package" on Forex Trading. I did not receive an education package and Apple Investment Company refused to give me a refund.

What I received was gambling software which was impossible for me to trial or use for live trading on my internet system. The Apple Investment Company salesman knew about my internet problems prior to selling me the package (as an AIC requirement for me to invest in their MDA which was also a lie) and assured me that the company had got around this by allowing people with slow internet to log in to the company computers. Some time after getting my money they admitted that this "system" wasn't working. They still refused to give me a refund.

Despite my many efforts (emails to individuals and customer service both here and in the US, faxes to individuals both here and in the US, phone conversation with their representative) to have my $9,600 returned Apple Investment Company have refused to respond appropriately in my opinion. Furthermore their customer service representative, Shane Andrews, told me in the presence of another professional person, that they were having problems with the software people at the time that I paid Apple Investment Company the money. That does not answer the question at all for me.

Furthermore it offends my sense of fair trading that they knowingly foisted a software scam on myself and others in a hard sell manner and pushed all of us into activating the software thus making a refund impossible according to their "legals".

All of the stakeholders in this scam, Apple Investment Company both here and in the US, FXCM internationally and Mark Power Financial Pty Ltd were stakeholders in this deliberate effort to separate both myself and the international marketplace from as much money as possible and of then claiming legal indemnity from their actions, leading to not only financial loss for all of the victims of this crime but also psychological damage resulting from the initial experience and the refusal of all the stakeholders to accept responsibility for their part in this deliberate scam.

I want this case of deliberate fraud (scamming) to go to the FPA Traders Court.

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