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Traders beware ,be warned ,things are no longer Business as usual with AFB!I REPORT IT AS A SCAM.Since 6th.Jan.2014 my withdrawal has not been sent !and am not assured of ever getting it .It has been a good Broker but not any longer ...RUN away from it.I have since that date written numberless emails that have not been replied to.The rumour has it that their Chairman run away with Clients deposits/Account and the remaining management seem not keen on taking the responsibility and liability.This could be just a clever way of defrauding the clients by the entire management.I have written to Kuwait Central Bank who they claim to be the regulatory authority am yet to recieve any communication from them.
I have been an IB with AFB for some time.Since January I made a withdraw of my December commissions but till today i have not recieved !after a long wait i was told the Conpany's Chairman refused to sign withdraw requests !They debited my master commisions account upon my request but emails to have the amount credited back or sent to me without any replies.Nowadays they do not reply to emails nor do they allow live chat.They have not communicated officially to explain their case/problem.they give no hope of ever getting my money.

Here is a copy of a Live chat with them on 13th.Jan .2014

-------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Customer Service <>
Date: Mon, Jan 13, 2014 at 3:55 PM
Subject: Chat Transcript with Customer Service

Hello joseph ,

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Below is the complete transcript for your reference:

You told me to give your offices 48 hours to respond to emails .I am yet to receive a swift copy of withdrawal done on 6th.jan.a/c 501000

Customer Service has joined the chat.

Customer Service: Welcome to Arab Financial Brokers, how may i help you?

joseph : as above

joseph : You told me to give your offices 48 hours to respond to emails .I am yet to receive a swift copy of withdrawal done on 6th.jan.a/c 501000

Customer Service: we have sent your request to the backoffice sir

joseph : would you know the value date of the sent money?

Customer Service: no sir

Customer Service: i will check with them

joseph : am waiting

Customer Service: they told me that they sent the request to the owner of the company but he didn't sign yet for the withdrawal

joseph : meaning ?

joseph : meaning the money has not been sent ?

joseph : to date ?

Customer Service: no sir

joseph : was the money sent ,has it been sent ?

Customer Service: no sir not sent because the owner didn't sign the withdrawal form

joseph : which owner are we talking about ...the company owner or the account owner?

Customer Service: the chairman sir

joseph : why ? is there hope ?are you in financial quagmire ?am very afraid !should we report to

Customer Service: sir the chairman has take over the company bank account

Customer Service: and he don't want to sign any withdrawal

joseph : ok..kindly send me copy of this chat

joseph : so we should not expect any money from that end ?does this explain the change of banking details to Kuwait Jordan bank?

Disconnected by the operator. Chat session has ended.
=== ===

Thank you,
Customer Service
Afbfx re branding to obex

I have been an IB cum Asset Manager with Arab Financial Brokers and I know when AFBFX was formed was a subsidiary of the Mother AFB-Kuwait.I remember being encouraged to switch to the new Cyprus Branch) but was impossible because they require money managers to be regulated in their respective Countries.In fact the Live chat support was being manned from Limmasso-Cyprus .Now AFBFX IS RE BRANDING TO OBEX !!!!! I am suspicious of the timing when AFB-Kuwait has refused clients to withdraw their commissions and deposits !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Could they be in cahoot to defraud unsuspecting helpless clients subtly ?????Who will come to our aid to help us? I SMELL A RAT
pls do keep us posted, you can send them links to this thread to every email that they have, im pretty sure they would want to know about their reputation online and explain them selves, best of luck
What is the amount of money they have to withdraw? If it exceeds 10K$ then you can involve police in your case I think..
The amount needed to get the interest of the police will vary from place to place. No matter how much or how little money is at stake, if you've been scammed, file a report. You may be the one to provide some missing puzzle piece the police and regulators need in order to take action.

Also, file with