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sunil suraneni

I have been trading with Arab financial brokers( for nearly 4 years now and never had any problem with them but from this thursday i.e 27/03/14 their platform(MT 4) is not working and there website is down with a note that they r updating the services and will resume operations soon.I waited for these 4 days but now i feel there is something fishy here .who updates their systems 4 days.
I wish i am wrong and they resume operations so i can withdraw my money.
No are regulated in kuwait and are regulated in cyprus. AFBFX has been impersonating arab financial brokers atleast their website says so.
I Agree completely with sunil.I had three accounts with them.And as sunil said all mt4 when offline on 30 MAr 2014.i tried calling their main offices in kuwait.its just ringing.No one is answering.I thought it was just my problem.Atleast its good that peace army is here.i have been searching your review on afb.and i saw a guy from eygpt do a review on 30th saying the same problem..this is bad.what will we do for our money.Can peacearmy help us??
hope so and are different..afbfx just turned to seeing that reply from pharoah i thought we wer saved.but i did chat with them and they arent

just check website...its like they just ran away.i cant believe coz they were not at all bad.even though i dint invest much on them,they were my first broker.i have even withdrawn 300$ which i made..but now i have no idea what to do.everything just vanished
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It's worth contacting them to find out.

I just got an email from them what is says

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for your e-mail regarding withdrawal/account login problems.

Arab Financial Brokers (AFB) are a fully licensed brokerage registered under the Kuwait commercial law. We have earned good trust from our customers over the years and won various awards in 2013. We at ?????? ???????? ????? ??????? ? ??????? ? ???????? ? ??????? ??????? ? ????? - AFB are committed to providing excellent customer support.

Unfortunately, in December 2013 the Ex-General Manager, Mr. Alaa Rasheed, sabotaged the system and moved all data and servers to an unknown location and has had funds transferred to an unknown bank account not belonging or affiliated with Arab Financial Brokers, Kuwait. He has established a website under the name Islamic Investment, Forex Trading, Commodities Brokers, Oil Trading - AFB which is not registered with the Kuwait authorities and is not in any way linked to AFB Kuwait.

We are advising all clients not to send any more funds to this company. In fact, it appears that the AFBinvest MT4 system has actually been turned off.

We would like to invite you to begin trading with AFB Kuwait directly again, as we resume our operations. We have partnered with a UK brokerage regulated by the FCA, with segregated bank accounts and a securely hosted systems. We want to ensure that a strong, stable and safe system is once again made available for you.

We sincerely apologize for these issues, and we will continue to extend our full support. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us, as follows;

Best Regards,

Support Team




8th Floor, Monzer Tower
Sour Street, Salhiya
Kuwait City – Kuwait



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