(Steven Tornsten)


5 aka

Steven is now called Robert.

1. Go to Home
2. Read the home page. The man is called Robert. Not sure if that is his photo but the story seems to be the same ... Japan, arbitrage, etc.
3. On the top row Menu, click on FAQ.
4. Browse to somewhere middle of page where the red text says "Instead of buying the "MT4 FX ROBOT" EA you can also have your Funds managed by experienced Money Managers. So if you don't have time for trading or don't want to buy the EA, check out the "MaM" page."
5. Click on the "MaM" link. It takes you to and are the same ...

Thanks YM Leong, Errol Cross, Theo Boeckx, Jason Hamilton, FPA and all those that have posted their feedback !