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Are all U.S. brokers Scams?


FP Markets Multi and Spammer
Not just US brokers but brokers from Europe also have scammers. So it is not which part of the country the broker is from. It is important to know the brokers regulation and the reviews from other traders.


Hello V_Minh_T- Brokers like LQDFX, Coinexx, Hugosway, etc do serve U.S citizens. So I'm a little confused at your comment?
As far as I know, if a broker serves US citizent, this broker must have a license for this. If a broker serves US clients without American license, to my mind this looks suspicious.


I have not yet started a live account with any broker because I've been researching first. From my research for the past two weeks, there is only one broker that seems transparent and upstanding and it does not serve U.S. clients. I wont name it here because I dont want to be called a 'spammer'. Every U.S serving broker has reviews on this website saying that they're scamming people by disallowing withdrawals, manipulating executions, etc. They're all 'B- booking' most of their clients and have an incentive for their clients to lose. Maybe retail forex trading in general is a scam? I have ascertained that it is not wise to leave too much money with any broker, theres many horror stories on this website of people leaving 100 + thousand dollars with their broker and the broker doesn't allow them to withdraw it. I wouldnt leave more than 1 k profit(above my deposit) with any broker. I plan to withdraw regularly up until the scam starts(telling me I'm news trading, arbitrage, etc to keep my profits and kick me out). Despite all its faults I was going to just use Oanda but their leverage is too low for me to make any decent money(remember I'm not putting too much money into any broker).
Personally never had an issue with offshore brokers, but that's just me.