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Searching Are there any brokers that allow trading crypto on MT4 24/7?

Help me find a company
Theres quite a fair few floating around. If you use the broker review section and tag crypto brokers it should filter some out.
I mainly trade crypto offshore myself, theres usually a decent selection and more leverage available. More recently CedarFX to compare the zero commissions for scalping. But iv used EagleFX for the last 2+ years and they've been reliable. Spreads are very competitive all round, i also use ic markets for some crypto trading but i prefer them for forex overall. Had a couple of stressfull weekends unable to close positions so I'm paranoid to use them on Saturdays and Sundays ever since.
loads out there for this but depends what crypto and leverage you want to trade under most brokers only off limited crypto and 1:20 or 1:50 leverage you need to look for an offshore broker for crypto trading somthing like Hugosway who have been around a while and are known for there crypto offers and 1:100 leverage which you will need when trading cryptos! good luck and lets see how you get on.
Just now I hear broker CFD offer on crypto market use leverage 1:100, most brokers offer leverage for crypto account only 1:3, I think for security offshore broker are lack if compared with a broker that uses top tier regulation body.
Have a look at CedarFX that’s who I use there a solid broker and allow 24/7 crypto trading